Adopted Grandson Murders Own Grandmother 涉嫌殺害撫養阿嬤 男子捲款潛逃被逮

A man surnamed Li has been arrested and admitted to killing his adoptive grandmother because she refused to give him money. Her family said the old woman treated the suspect as her own, and cannot imagine something like this can happen. 

The two men had just finished ordering a meal outside the barbecue restaurant. Within a few minutes, police officers suddenly stopped their car and arrested the man in gray.

After being suppressed and handcuffed by the police, the man was questioned on the whereabouts of the stolen money. He didn't want to say a word. This man surnamed Li is suspected of murdering his adopted grandmother in New Taipei City's Xinzhuang the day before.

Citizen:"(Ordering) He just finished. And all of a sudden, he was arrested. I was wondering what was going on."

The homicide occurred around 4pm on the 21st. The suspect appeared at the old woman's residence in Xinzhuang but left in a hurry after a while. The old woman's daughter-in-law broke her door when she couldn't contact her by phone. Upon entering the house, she discovered her mother-in-law had multiple stab wounds and was no longer breathing.

Victim's Daughter-in-law:"My mom cherished him because she raised his childhood. How could you think something like this can happen?"

Although there is no blood relationship, the victim's family said the old grandmother treated Li as her own. They found that his behavior during adolescence was erratic. He was previously kicked out of his adopted family for stealing money and returned to his original family. However, he would come back sporadically to ask for money. Recently the old grandma's youngest son brought him back as an apprentice, but the police said that the suspect murdered the old woman because she didn't give him money when he asked.

Cheng Wei-hao, Investigation Team Captain, New Taipei Police Xinzhuang Precinct:"The old grandma refused after he asked to borrow money. That's why he killed her. It's incredible that he can be so calm after committing the murder."

The suspect was extremely calm after his arrest. Even the police were surprised. They pointed out that the suspect confessed that he committed the crime because he lacked money and she refused to give him any. Police found the cash at his home. The suspect escaped to his friend's house in Hualien after the murder. He carefully changed clothes and taxis to evade the police during the process. The suspect was transferred to prosecutors for the crimes of robbery and murder. Details of the case and the amount of money stolen remain to be investigated and clarified.










新北新莊警分局偵查隊長 鄭偉豪表示:「他開口借錢之後,老阿嬤還是一口回絕,就讓他痛下殺手。對犯嫌犯下這麼令人髮指的案件,還能如此冷靜,感到不可思議。」



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