Athletes' Support Staff Lose Jobs After Olympics 東奧創佳績 運科人員多為專案聘用挨批

Chinese Taipei turned in its best-ever performance at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Following the games, many members of the support staff, including security guards and psychologists, lost their jobs because they had only been hired on a project basis. Lawmakers asked the Ministry of Education to provide a solution.

Chinese Taipei turned in its best-ever performance at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, bringing home two gold medals, four silver medals, and six bronze medals. President Tsai Ing-wen even organized a celebration for the delegation at the Presidential Office. Now that the games have ended, many members of the support staff have lost their jobs. The majority were hired by the National Sports Training Center on a project basis.

Chang Liao Wan-chien, Legislator (DPP):"There are 51 of these sports science personnel, but only 15 of the 51 are classified as in-staff personnel. They are the greatest source of support for Taiwan's heroes, yet 70 percent of them were only hired on a project basis."

Over 70 percent of the sports science personnel are not considered to be National Sports Training Center in-staff personnel. There are no nutritionists or scouts among formal staff members. Hiring on a project basis is detrimental to retaining personnel and will affect the training of athletes. Legislators asked Administrative Deputy Education Minister Lin Teng-chiao, who also serves as chairperson of the National Sports Training Center, how he intends to make improvements.

Lin Teng-chiao, Administrative Deputy Education Minister:"Right now, the focus of our National Sports Training Center is reviewing the organization and manpower of the sports science department."

Lin said a review of the center's sports science department is currently underway. However, Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Chang Liao Wan-chien pointed out the center's annual budget has grown by 167 percent between 2017 and 2022 but the official business budget and subsidies have decreased by 3 percent. He added there has long been an imbalance between sports affairs and funds, and it's a structural issue that the ministry needs to address.





民進黨立委 張廖萬堅表示:「這些運科的人員,已經有多達51人。但51人裡面,真正在編制內的,只有15人。台灣英雄背後,最重要的支撐資源,有7成的人力,是來自於計劃聘用。」


教育部次長 林騰蛟表示:「目前,我們國訓中心,正在針對運科的組織跟人力的部分,目前正在做一個檢討。」