Rescue Team Still on Search for 2 Missing Girls from River Accident 虎豹潭仍2童失蹤續搜救 侯友宜籲勿放棄

While the search and rescue continues following the New Taipei City river accident, Mayor Hou Yu-ih said they will also inspect all outdoor adventure companies to make sure they are properly licensed for holding nature outings.

The rescue team searched through and through the river. It has been 60 hours since the river accident happened. Two girls are still missing; one girl surnamed Liu and another surnamed Chen. Concerned that they could be stuck between the rocks, rescue divers dove underwater to search more closely. New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-ih arrived at the riverside on the morning of the 19th to inspect the process. 

Hou Yu-ih, New Taipei City Mayor:"We're utilizing drones, lifeboats, and all resources possible to help us with the search. We also have logistics support that's always on-call and in rotation. We hope to find the two missing children before 72 hours have passed."

Hou said the weather is the clearest so far on the 19th and he urged the rescue team to keep up their spirits. To prevent an unfortunate accident like this from happening again, Hou also said he would do his best in uniting forces from different agencies to investigate the operation of various outdoor adventure companies.

Hou Yu-ih, New Taipei City Mayor:"We will examine all outdoor activities arranged by elementary to junior high schools in New Taipei City and we will also inspect companies that offer outdoor adventure trips to see how they operate and make sure that they are properly licensed."

All four investors surnamed Su, Chang, Tu, and Wu of the outdoor adventure company that offered the Hubao Pond outing trip have made their police statements by the evening of the 18th.

Chen Ying-chen, Head Prosecutor, Keelung District Prosecutors Office:"Investor Wu came to the police department in Ruifang Precinct to make a police statement on the 18th. We will sort out how the company operates and how they divide up their responsibilities. In the end, we will figure out if anyone should be charged with negligent homicide."

A special task force team is now reading through the company's paperwork and record over past events that they held to sort out details to their operation. The prosecutors office said they will summon Wu and others involved again for further interrogation and investigation. 





新北市長 侯友宜表示:「出動了所有的空拍機、救生艇,再加上後勤的部隊,投入更多資源搜救,隨時待命,輪替。在最後時間,能夠搶救到,我們兩位失蹤的女童。」


新北市長 侯友宜表示:「特別就我們自己的中、小學,以及所有相關活動,全部做一個自我檢視。至於民間團體的部分,在舉辦類似的活動,我們也要去了解,他們的營運狀況。」


基隆檢察署主任檢察官 陳映蓁表示:「昨日(18日)有命瑞芳分局,傳喚吳姓的股東到案說明,有製作相關的筆錄。我們會了解4位股東,他們的公司內部的運作跟分工的模式,那再釐清有沒有人員,涉嫌過失致死的刑事責任。」