Workers Remove Illegal Partitions from Hallways 高巿大動作 稽查34棟無管委會老舊大樓

In the wake of the Chengzhongcheng fire, Kaohsiung City has inspected 34 mixed-use buildings without management committees in the last three days. It is also calling on the Central government to amend relevant building management laws.

Kuo Tien-kuei, Kaohsiung City Deputy Secretary-General:"The stack effect often leads to fires spreading rapidly."

This wooden partition is not only flammable but also obstructs the hallway, stairwell, and stairs. Kaohsiung has inspected 34 mixed-use buildings over 30 years old in the last three days. None of the buildings have management committees. Of the 34, 23 were deemed to pose an "immediate danger" with obstructed evacuation routes. The city has given the buildings a deadline to remove cited obstructions.

Kuo Tien-kuei, Kaohsiung City Deputy Secretary-General:"…some of the partitions. In other words, they obstruct evacuation routes. This is one of the issues we are addressing in this round of inspections."

In the wake of the Chengzhongcheng fire, the city began forcibly removing hallway and fire escape obstructions and private gates in residential buildings on the 18th. Asked why the city hasn't done anything about this longstanding problem until now, a city official would only say special inspection committees are being formed. Mayor Chen Chi-mai, meanwhile, says the root of the problem is building management and the Tsai administration should revise relevant laws as soon as possible.

Chen Chi-mai, Kaohsiung City Mayor:"Management committees are responsible for evacuation facilities and fire prevention (facilities), etc. So, on the one hand, we of course wish that the central government can mandate some changes on this front."

Seven of the 34 buildings inspected have been earmarked for demolition. Several of them are semi-abandoned. Chen says he is drafting autonomous regulations to strengthen the administrative management of buildings and he hopes the regulations can be quickly passed by the city council.




高雄市副秘書長 郭添貴表示:「有煙囪效應的時候,這個就很容易起火燃燒。」


高雄市副秘書長 郭添貴表示:「私設的一些隔間,換句話說,影響到逃生動線的這個順暢的,在這一次是主要要排除,要輔導的項目。」


高雄市長 陳其邁表示:「逃生避難的設備,或者是消防設施等等,這些都要有管委會來執行,才能夠貫徹落實。所以我們一方面,也當然希望說,在管委會的部分,未來中央能強制修法。」