Special Counsel Offered to Students After Hubao Pond Accident 虎豹潭劉姓兄妹1死1失蹤 校長安撫師生

Among the six who got swept away, two were brother and sister that go to school at Hsinhu Elementary School in Taipei City. The principal has asked teachers to provide counseling to their classmates and held a prayer for the little sister, who went missing on her birthday. 

The body of the 11-year-old boy surnamed Liu was found the morning of Sunday, Oct. 17. He was one of the six that got swept away by strong river currents on the 16th while crossing the river during a nature outing to the Hubao Pond historic trail. Liu was a 5th grader at Hsinhu Elementary School in Taipei City.  Everyone at the school was saddened by the news. On Monday morning, Oct. 18, the school principal led an all-school prayer through video conference to pray for Liu's younger sister's safety, as she also went on the outing and got swept away by the river currents.

Wu Ya-wen, Counseling Director, Hsinhu Elementary School:"She is currently in 2nd grade, and she had spent a year here with her classmates. Her classmates miss her very much and we all wish for her safety and look forward to having her home soon." 

The principal of Hsinhu Elementry School had driven to Hubao Pond several times to get the latest update on search and rescue efforts. All teachers and staff have been feeling low. The principal also asked teachers to offer special counsel to students who need emotional support. Taipei Department of Education deputy commissioner and division chief have also taken the time to come to the school to talk with teachers and students affected.

Wu Ya-wen, Counseling Director, Hsinhu Elementary School:"We are offering special counsel to students who are classmates to Liu to guide them through their emotions if they experience nightmares, fear, and other negative reactions. The counseling office is open to all who need help."

It was also Liu's younger sister's birthday on the day the accident occurred. The school said everyone in her class misses her very much. The Taipei Student Counseling Center says they will provide counseling assistance to the school as well. 





新湖國小輔導主任 吳雅雯表示:「她目前是2年級的學生,所以其實跟同學,已經有一年的相處,所以同學也非常想念她,也希望她能夠趕快回家。」


新湖國小輔導主任 吳雅雯表示:「對於罹難同學的班級,我們也都有個別入班,進行安心談話,安撫學生情緒。如果學生有一些狀況反應,例如說,他有可能做惡夢,或者是會擔心,或者是過度恐懼,那都可以來尋求,輔導室的相關協助。」