Tainan Pedestrian Shot by BB Bullets 台南巿民人行道運動 遭人以BB彈射擊

Police found 11 modified air guns during a raid at a Taiwan resident's home. He confessed to test firing with guns pointing out the window, which has shot two passers-by and caused panic in the neighborhood.  

The messy table is full of large and small modified air guns for a total of 11. They are all owned by 27-year-old Mr. Lin. Mr. Lin, who loves survival games, claimed that he shot out of the window because there was no space in his home to test his guns. He did not expect to hit two pedestrians passing by. The police arrested him after investigating the case.

Pan Gu-tian, Deputy Chief, Tainan Police Fourth Precinct:"We locked in on Lin after surveying where the BB bullets dropped and compared them to the victims' testimony. After some analysis and checking relevant documents, we applied for a search warrant to arrest Lin."

The local borough chief said many BB bullets were found when the community did a clean-up a few years ago but no one was injured at the time. It wasn't until recently that someone was injured, that worries began to arise that someone was committing a crime behind the scenes, and so, the local borough chief submitted a police report. The police quickly arrested the suspect and returned safety to the community.

Tsai Jin-ting, Local Borough Chief:"We couldn't find the evidence so we didn't report it to the police. But we did find a lot of BB bullets."

Local Resident:"This is malicious. He should've shot his guns in the suburbs, where there are fewer people."

Local Resident.. “If you were shot by him, you would be injured. Yes, I'm afraid.”

The police found 11 air rifles at Lin's residence. Many are replicas of famous foreign firearms. Shots from two rifles tested on the spot penetrated an aluminum plate. They were preliminarily determined to be lethal and sent to the Criminal Investigation Bureau for further investigation. Lin will be prosecuted for committing harm, endangering public safety, possessing illegal firearms, and other offenses. 




南市警四分局副分局長 潘顧天表示:「經勘查現場BB彈掉落位置,及比對被害人證詞,分析研判後,鎖定林姓犯嫌涉嫌重大,遂檢具相關事證,申請搜索票,查獲林嫌到案。」


當地里長 蔡錦庭表示:「我們都沒辦法抓到證據,所以都沒報案,BB彈也是發現很多。」