Typhoon Kompasu Brings Heavy Rain to Hualien "圓規"挾豪雨 花蓮累積雨量破331毫米

The outer periphery of Typhoon Kompasu brought heavy rain to Hualien, causing flooding and mudslides across the county. While there are no major casualties reported, over 2000 people living in the mountainous area have been evacuated as a preventative measure.

Heavy rain began falling over Hualien City on Oct. 11. The torrential rain persisted through the night, causing many city streets to become covered in water. Oct. 12 dawned with more rain. The rain fell faster than it could drain, and city cleaners were kept busy clearing gutters. Residents complained that there were engineering problems. It's complete crap. (The drainage is not good?) We advised against building this avenue because flooding has long been an issue. We were against this.

Lai Cheng-hsiung, Chief, Zhuqin Borough, Hualien City:"We asked our engineering team to rapidly drain the water, and it's draining pretty fast. The water receded pretty quickly. The drainage issues occurred because work is ongoing on the sewer system."

Meanwhile, embankments and access roads near Guofu Borough were flooded. Vehicles broke down and became submerged. Over in Xiulin Township, a mudslide occurred over an access road leading to a tribal village. Mugua River was also very swollen, worrying villagers.

Lien Yi-lung, Xiulin Township Representative:"It looks like the mudslide occurred yesterday night. Big rocks fell, and it appears that the affected area is about 90 meters in length."

The rain also caused the water level of Xiuguluan River to increase rapidly, affecting Ruigang Highway and turning a tribal village into an island. Roads in Yuli Township were also flooded, cutting off access.

Mr. Li, Yuli Chike Mountain Resident:" (Right now, the mountains are impassable, right?) Yes, because of the landslides."

Chen Chin-kuang, Ruisui Township Mayor:"The most severe damage is to Hualien County Road 64 (Ruigang Highway). There are intermittent mudslides and toppled trees in the section from the 500-kilometer mark all the way to Changhong Bridge."

Central Weather Bureau data indicates the highest level of accumulated rainfall in Hualien between early morning to noon on Oct. 12 was 331 millimeters. The Hualien County Government has evacuated 2,305 residents from mountainous areas and is sheltering 184 people. Power has been restored to 15,287 of the 16,000 households that were without power. Trains are running as scheduled.






花蓮市主勤里長 賴正雄表示:「要求我們工程隊,趕快抽水。這個抽水,也是抽得滿快的啦!很快就是退掉了啦!現在汙水,就是汙水道的工程。(汙水道的問題,是不是?)」


秀林鄉代表 連一龍表示:「這樣看來應該是。昨天半夜,就下來的土石流,落石的區域還滿大塊,大約這樣看來,從另一個盡頭到這邊,大概90公尺的距離。」

南區的秀姑巒溪也因暴雨溪水暴漲,瑞港公路中斷,瑞穗鄉奇美部落變成孤島,玉里鎮的赤柯山產業道路上則是到處都是洪流,目前也中斷無法進入 。

玉里赤柯山居民 黎先生表示:「(現在山上都不能過,對不對?)對啊!坍方都坍掉了。」

瑞穗鄉長 陳進光表示:「最嚴重的,還是花64線(瑞港公路),從500k一直到我們長虹橋這段,都有斷斷續續的土石流跟路樹傾倒。」


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