Drunk Man Antagonizes Pit Bull, Gets Bitten 竹男逗弄友人比特犬遭攻擊 失血過多不治

A Hsinchu resident surnamed Hsu got drunk at his friend's house. Refusing to listen to his friend, he decided to antagonize the friend's pit bull and got bitten. He later died at the hospital from loss of blood.

A postman is attacked by a pit bull at an intersection. The pit bull's owner is unable to call the dog off. Another dog is mauled by a pit bull in a bloody attack. The number of pit bull attacks in Taiwan has risen in recent years. On the 10th, a man surnamed Hsu got drunk and decided to antagonize his friend's pit bull. The pit bull attacked him.

Pit Bull's Owner.. “Our puppy was tied up. It was over here. He might have stepped on it. I didn't know he was drunk. After he got bitten, we dragged him all the way over there.”

The pit bull bit Hsu on his right thigh, severing his femoral artery. Hsu did not have any vital signs by the time paramedics arrived and was pronounced dead at the hospital. The pit bull has been locked up in a cage for now.

Pit Bull's Owner:"The puppy is tied up over here. The chain is very thick. (Turn on the light.) There is no light here."

Witness:"He was drinking and got drunk. He went over (to the dog). He thought the puppy wouldn't bite him. And then, he went over a second time and the puppy bit him."

The Council of Agriculture has pit bulls on its list of dangerous dogs. The Hsinchu animal protection office says Taiwan doesn't have seizure laws in situations like this and all it can do is send inspectors to the owner's home and ask him if he wants the office to take his pet. In August, the Bureau of Foreign Trade announced changes to the Consolidated List of Commodities Subject to Import Restriction and Commodities Assisted by Customs for Import Examination, including the addition of pit bulls. The changes are expected to go into effect within the next month.






比特犬主人表示:「小狗,這裡,都綁起來了。我們鍊條都很粗,(開燈) 這裡沒有燈。」