Repair Shop Suspected of Using Inferior Part 警車送保養 原廠裝備遭調包成次級品

Tainan Police Department Second Precinct reported the alternators in its police cars were replaced second-hand quality products, resulting in frequent repairs. Police ordered an investigation and the repair shop was charged with fraud. 

As soon as the police car gets a call, it's out on duty. A police car is an indispensable tool in police operations. But recently, Tainan Police Second Precinct reported during scheduled maintenance for two police cars at the car repair shop, the owner used second-hand alternators as replacements rather than new products. This resulted in frequent replacement and repair of the police cars. The incident came to light after frequent shop visits. The police ordered an investigation and charged the shop for fraud.

Chang Yi-jiun, Deputy Chief, Tainan Police Second Precinct:"Our vehicle alternators were replaced with non-original parts, which gradually affected onboard computer chips, resulting in the police car's poor condition."

The Second Precinct pointed out that the alternator was not an OEM part and generated insufficient power. The car's electronic chip was damaged as a result. The car's power generation was also unstable as a result of using the second-hand part. The repair shop owner said replacements using non-OEM alternators were quoted and approved by the precinct's top officers before the replacement took place. This means the police knew that non-OEM alternators were being used. The shop has been doing repair work for the Precinct for about 10 years now and there has never been a problem. But now the owner feels rather helpless for being charged with fraud.

Car Repair Shop Owner:"In fact, they did not stipulate using OEM or non-OEM parts. I feel helpless and don't know what to do. I've been repairing cars for so long and never encountered such a situation. If you say you're charging me with fraud and that I didn't replace parts or replace parts with second-hand parts, then I'm wrong. (So they knew you were replacing parts.) Yes, they all knew, or how do I get approval."

The Second Precinct has 37 patrol cars and 156 motorcycles. The annual maintenance cost is about NT$1.5 million. But, there is no special requirement to use OEM or non-OEM parts for repairs. But now due to this case, funding constraints for police car repairs have also emerged. In this regard, Tainan Police Department stated that it will assist in solving the problem and prevent similar cases from happening.




南市警第二分局副分局長 張翊雋表示:「我們在外保養的車輛以及發電機,有被更換為非原廠主件的狀況,漸而影響車用晶片,使得整部警車妥善率都不佳。」


保養廠業者表示:「其實,他們也沒有規定要原廠或副廠,我也很無奈,我也不知道該怎辦。因為我修理車子這麼久了,沒有遇過這種情況,你如果說,今天用詐欺給我經辦,你說,如果我東西沒換,還是我換舊的,就是我不對。(所以你要換零件,他們都知道?) 他們都知道,不然怎核准(更換)。」



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