RespireAid Tested Effective Against COVID-19 Variants 清冠一號最新研究 抗新冠變異株更有效

Herbal medicine has been proven effective against COVID-19 as Qing Guan Yi Hao developed by the National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine helped cure 21 patients.  It's also effective against the beta and delta variants.

Developed by the National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine (NRICM) in 2020, the treatment NRICM101, known in Chinese as Qing Guan Yi Hao, or RespireAid, contains 10 herbs, including indigowoad roots, fish mints, and others. The medicine has proven effective through many clinical trials to reduce the chance of severe illness in coronavirus patients and even helped cured 21 patients in 2020. An emergency permit was finally granted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) in May of 2021. The latest research shows that RespireAid is not only effective against the original Wuhan strain but also very effective against the beta and delta variants.

Huang Chien-jung, President of Taipei Chinese Medical Association:"Honeysuckles, golden bellflowers, and indigo woad roots are all very good for clearing the heat and removing toxins in the body. They work very well to protect against viruses entering the throat."

The NRICM said that the medicine can prevent the coronavirus spike protein from binding to the cell receptor ACE2, which is the protein that provides the entry point for the coronavirus to hook into during initial infection and infect a wide range of human cells. This is like preventing the key from opening the lock. In view of new local outbreaks of COVID-19 in May, the NRICM started working on developing a new generation of RespireAid medicine which serves to help reduce the development of pulmonary fibrosis and other side effects experienced by severe COVID patients. Preliminary clinical studies show that the death rate can be reduced by 50 percent.

Chiou Wen-fei, Deputy Director, NRICM:"We made improvements in the new generation of NRICM101 medicine and right now our studies show that the COVID death rate can be reduced by 50 percent."

Eight pharmaceutical companies have received emergency authorization from the MOHW to manufacture the RespireAid compound for clinical treatment in Taiwan. Pharmaceutical companies look forward to having full approval in the future. The NRICM will reveal the new formula to the new generation of RespireAid and its clinical trial results during their next conference on Oct. 22.




北市中醫師公會理事長 黃建榮表示:「銀花、連翹、板藍根之類的,它清熱解毒的效果都非常的好。剛剛進入咽喉的病毒,都有一個非常好的保護效果。」


國家中醫藥研究所副所長 邱文慧表示:「我們也用了,就是做一些處方的改良,那也給了清冠二號。目前看起來清冠二號,對於這個所謂的重症死亡的比例呢,可以下降一半。」