56 Altercations Reported on MRT This Year 北捷人潮多易衝突 近1年已56件傷害案

56 physical harm cases have been reported so far this year at the Taipei Metro, accounting for 11 % of all the criminal cases taking place inside metro stations.

The man in blue ignores his friend, who is trying to calm him down and rushes at a passenger in yellow who'd bumped into him a second earlier. A scuffle ensues. This gray-haired man, meanwhile, exchanges words with another passenger after one of them bumped into the other. This is a common occurrence on the MRT. 

Ms. Ho, Citizen:"I only react, like scream at them, if they intentionally bump into me or try to touch me. Otherwise, I'd just stare them down, like, "Are you really in that much of a rush?"

Ms. Chen, Citizen:"You can't help bumping into people during rush hour. It's not that big a deal. It's unavoidable if there are a lot of people. You don't really see people getting violent because of it."

Some say people pushing or bumping into other people is unavoidable when trains are crowded. Last month, two people got into a fight after one stepped on the other's heel while getting off a train. One of them took out a knife. According to rapid transit police, 56 physical harm cases have been reported this year, accounting for 11 percent of all criminal cases.

Yeh Chin-chou, Taipei City Police Rapid Transit Division:"Someone always comes to harm if a fight breaks out and the two parties may sue each other. If there's a weapon involved, that person will be charged with intimidation."

The police say MRT ridership is starting to surge with the epidemic abating, and so are the number of physical altercations during rush hour. Police are calling on the public to try to be rational and to seek assistance from station workers or police instead of getting into altercations with other passengers.





民眾 何小姐表示:「故意撞我,或是摸我這樣子,我才會反擊,會大聲這樣子。不然,一般我會看一下,有那麼急嗎?」

民眾 陳小姐表示:「尖峰時段難免會碰撞,是還好。如果真的很多人, (碰撞)也沒有辦法。就是沒有辦法,不太會這樣爆發衝突。」


捷運警察大隊刑事組組長 葉錦洲表示:「打架一定都會造成傷害,可能會彼此提告,那甚至你如果又持其他的器械的話,依這個恐嚇來移送法辦。」