Driver mistakes turn-waiting zone for parking Spot 駕駛誤把機車待轉區當停車格  拖吊挨罰

Man mistakenly blocked the road with his SUV were fined NT$600 to 1,200.

Presenter: At 8 a.m. on Sept. 21, police received a report about a SUV illegally parked in the scooter turn-waiting zone at the intersection of Xizhi's Datong Road and Xinyi Road. The police issued a fine and had the car towed, but this turned out to be controversial because the space was not specifically labeled as a turn-waiting zone.

The driver of this SUV thought he'd found a parking space, but ended up with a towed car and a fine. Police say he parked in a scooter turn-waiting zone.

Citizen 1: “A parking space isn't that small. The driver should have known that.”

Citizen 2: ” That's obviously a turn-waiting area. Who would put a parking space there?”

The illegally parked car was reported to the police around 8 a.m. on the 21st. The police issued a fine of NT$600 to NT$1,200 and had the car towed. The driver says the turn-waiting zone is not labeled as such and off the main road, and wants to know how drivers are supposed to tell the difference.

Huang Chien-chih, Deputy Director, Xizhi Precinct Traffic Police:”Generally speaking, there are no parking spaces within 10 meters of an intersection. The intersection in question has a turn-waiting zone for scooters.” 

Police say drivers should know there are no parking spaces within 10 meters of intersections, not to mention the space was clearly too small for a SUV. New Taipei's transportation department responded that turn-waiting zones are generally labeled as such at T-intersections because it can be more difficult to distinguish between them and parking spaces. 







新北市汐止警分局交通分隊副分隊長 黃健智:「一般路口10公尺,我們不會設有停車格,而該路口也有設有機車待轉區的標示。」


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