Youth falls into water near Changhua embankment 鹿港彰濱工業區堤防 1少年溺水迄仍無蹤

Helicopter, rafts, and personnel are deployed to continue searching of the youth after 24 hours.

Presenter: Rescue missions are currently underway after a 16-year-old surnamed Huang fell into water and disappeared while he and his friends were playing near Changhua Coastal Industrial Park. Drones and helicopters have been dispatched as the difficult terrain has hampered the rescue efforts.

Vessels on the water search for the missing youth, while rescue personnel peer into every corner. They weren't able to find the youth who fell into the water on Sept. 20. The search continued on Sept. 21, with a National Airborne Service Corps helicopter joining the search. Family members waited anxiously to one side. On Sept. 20, a 16-year-old surnamed Huang met up with friends and went to play at an embankment in Changhua's Lugang Township. He fell into the water and disappeared.

Victim's Family Member:” He liked playing and he came here to play in the water. He was playing when the water carried him away. (Did he come here often to play?) It was probably the first time.”

At around 2 p.m. on Sept. 20, four youths met up to play at an embankment near Changhua Coastal Industrial Park. Huang fell into the water. The other three called firefighters after they lost sight of him.

Shih Shun-jen, Captain, 3rd Fire Control Group, Changhua County Fire Bureau:”The tide was ebbing at that point (on Sept. 20), so some of the river banks were visible. We thought that because the tide was ebbing, he might have been carried by the water into the open sea. However, it's also possible that there were protrusions on the side of the embankment and he could have been carried back.”

Firefighters said the accident occurred when the tide was ebbing. The terrain could have magnified the pull of the water and the youth may have been carried into the open sea. The search area has been expanded, and rescue personnel are also combing tetrapods.






彰化縣消防局第三大隊長 施順仁:「(20號當時)因為剛好是退潮,所以有露出一些沙地出來,(推測)因為退潮的關係被海水帶到外海,但是也可能在堤岸這邊有突出物,也可能在這邊做回流。」