Internet Celebrity Publishes Medigen Antibody Test 四叉貓自費驗高端抗體  民眾仿效惹議

The CECC warns unregistered clinical labs commercially conducting tests for the public risk violating laws.

Presenter: Internet celebrity Liu Yu paid out of pocket for an antibody test after getting a Medigen vaccine, and found the antibody level is low, leading to worries that the vaccine may not offer very much protection.

On Sept. 8, internet celebrity Liu Yu posted the results of an antibody test he paid out of pocket for 15 days after getting a Medigen vaccine. The results showed an IgG value of 35.4 and low antibody levels. The post spurred many netizens to try to get their own tests done at hospitals.

Ho Shu-an, Section Chief, Department of Health, Taipei City:”The central government currently bans hospitals from performing self-paid antibody tests for the public. Hospitals that perform antibody tests without the department's approval are breaking the law.”

According to the Central Epidemic Command Center, only flight crews are allowed to get self-paid antibody tests, and only 12 hospitals in Taiwan are allowed to provide this service. Liu says he only wanted to know if the Medigen vaccine he got is actually effective.

Liu Yu, Internet Celebrity:”I didn't know this was against the law. If this law really exists, I would have paid attention to it. I wouldn't want (the hospital) to get fined, but I care about my own health too.”

Lin Si-hung, COO, Dianthus Group:”Getting this test done isn't illegal. If people think the payment amount is the issue, then we respect the city government's regulations. If they want to fine us, they can go ahead. We respect them. I don't have any opinion one way or the other.”

Some doctors say the Tsai administration should lift the ban because people have a right to get antibody tests and see the results.

Wang Jen-hsien, Chair, Taiwan Counter Contagious Diseases Society:”We hope public health agencies can allow hospitals to provide this kind of service. They should not infringe on citizen's right to know.”

The CECC says everyone will have a different antibody level after getting a vaccine because everyone is different, and it only started allowing flight crews to get tested out of pocket because of the Delta variant and breakthrough infections. It says it has no plans to allow testing at the present time.



點開網紅四叉貓臉書,9月8號那篇自費驗抗體PO文還在,說高端疫苗第一劑打完15天後,自費花了1250元,驗出來的IgG數值35.4 ,抗體數值偏低。但沒想到自費驗新冠疫苗抗體,目前並沒有開放給一般民眾檢驗。

台北市衛生局醫事管理科科長 何叔安:「中央現在沒有開放醫療院所自費來檢驗做抗體的檢測,它的收費標準沒有經過衛生局核定的話,那這部份就違反醫療法的一個規定。」


網紅 劉宇(四叉貓):「我也不知道這個相關法規,如果真的有法規事實存在的話我覺得也是要注意,我也不希望它們(醫院)觸法挨罰啊,但是我又想要關心我的身體。」

禾馨醫療營運長 林思宏:「這不是什麼不合格的事情拿來驗,那如果大家覺得收費有問題,那這個我們尊重市政府的規定,要罰就罰啊尊重啊,我沒有什麼意見啊。」


中華民國防疫學會理事長 王任賢:「我們希望公共衛生單位能夠早點的核准在醫療院所,開放這樣子的檢驗,不能抹煞這個老百姓這種知的權利。」