Advocacy group calls to change the childcare calculating unit from “month” to “hour” 育嬰假以月為單位  家長盼以"小時"計假

The group says change will alleviate household’s burden on childcare and help the employers to keep their talents.

Presenter:About 50% of workers taking childcare leave quit when their leave expires, suggesting the system, despite its good intention, is not flexible enough. Some civic groups suggest changing the childcare unit from month to hour.

One parent in two-income households often has to take childcare leave from their job unless the family has help. According to the Ministry of Labor, 48.2 percent of workers taking childcare leave in 2020 never returned to work.

Huang Chiao-ling, Spokesperson, Childcare Policy Alliance:”Excluding people that leave their jobs voluntarily for family reasons, the reason that 14 percent of men and 13 percent of women don't return to their original positions is because they want shorter or more flexible work hours.”

The Childcare Policy Alliance says Taiwanese people are very envious of Sweden's childcare labor system, which allows parents to work full days, half days, quarter days, or one-eighth days based on their childcare needs. The alliance is calling on the government to change the childcare unit from month to hour. However, one expert says Taiwan is not Sweden with its flexible time, and what may be more feasible for Taiwan is allowing workers to take prescheduled childcare leave with advance notice.

Lee Chien-hung, Labor and Human Resources Professor, Chinese Culture University:”(Employees) can give their employers advance notice for childcare leave, whether it's two weeks or a month.”

The Executive Yuan Gender Equality Committee says one of its members has brought up changing the unit for childcare leave to day or hour and it will ask the Ministry of Labor to review the actual need and what other countries are doing.




托育政策催生聯盟發言人 黃喬鈴:「我們撇除上面,因為家庭因素而自願離職者,其實有14%跟13%的男性跟女性未回到原單位的原因是他們期待從事工時較短、或較彈性的工作。」


文化大學勞動暨人力資源系教授 李健鴻:「一個一定時間以前,譬如說兩週前或一個月前提出他未來兩週或一個月的育嬰假的預排表,讓僱主不會因為這個育嬰假變得太過零碎。」