Customs intercepts 69 packages of pork products in 2 weeks 快遞疫區肉製品闖關  新增2家業者停業

Seniors officials of Ministry of Agriculture says the coming week is key to determine whether previous measures have succeeded in keeping African swine fever at bay.

Presenter: African swine fever has been found in a multitude of Vietnamese pork products smuggled into Taiwan. The Customs Administration began inspecting every single item on Aug. 23, and intercepted 69 packages of pork products with a total weight of 118 kilograms.

Products tainted with African swine fever have repeatedly breached Taiwan's borders in recent weeks. On Aug. 23, the Customs Administration stepped up inspections of every single one of the products coming in from Vietnam and China. It also stopped allowing packages to clear customs together. People were still taking risks. There were 69 packages of pork products weighing a total of 118 kilograms that were express delivered from these areas with ASF. Implicated companies will be shut down for for a certain period of time.

Chen I-tsai, Deputy Director-General, Customs Administration:” Two companies will be shut down. If this happens, then we will use the severity of the violations to determine whether to shut them down for 10 days, 20 days, or a month.”

The CA said some businesses are still selling products online because there is demand from Vietnamese workers and the business is profitable. The Council of Agriculture said the borders need to be completely impenetrable to these pork products from areas with ASF, which will be extremely hard to achieve. Even if they catch perpetrators, they might not be able to punish them severely because some people will claim ignorance.

Huang Chin-cheng, Deputy Agriculture Minister:” If you place an online order, then you're the person making a purchase. You might violate of laws. If you receive something from relatives or friends, then you can say you didn't know.”

It will be extremely difficult to completely seal off the borders. The COA says it can only continue to uphold the domestic defensive perimeter. Authorities intend to step up raids of shops catering to Vietnamese migrant workers. Kitchen waste is also the last defensive line. Deputy Agriculture Minister Huang Chin-cheng said the coming week will be key. If hog farms don't report any cases, then all the previous measures can be judged to have been successful. An announcement will be made before Sept. 15 on whether the ban on kitchen waste as swine feed will be continued.




財政部關務署副署長 陳依財:「大概會有兩家,大概最近會給它停止營業,停業的話我們會根據,它的案情的大小,我們會給它停十天、停二十天、停一個月。」


農委會副主委 黃金城:「你如果是網路訂購的,你是自己是訂購人,你可能有違規的一個情形,那你如果是親友寄進來的,他可以說我不知道。」