Commuters Find Alternative Ways to Get to Work 台鐵基隆站號誌故障 通勤時間列車大誤點

During morning rush hour on Sept. 9, a broken traffic signal caused major rail delays at Keelung Station, affecting 6500 people.

The station is filled with people trying to get to work. Some make phone calls, while others simply wait in silence. A traffic signal at Keelung Station malfunctioned at 6:43 a.m., stopping traffic along with two of the rail system's four tracks. 

Commuter:"The traffic light is out of order. (It started around 5?) Yes. Is the train leaving? "

As the malfunction occurred during rush hour, there was a lot of chaos. Many passengers scrambled to find a bus to get them to work instead, while a massive taxi queue formed outside.

Commuter:" (The train was delayed) over 40 minutes.  (Forty-plus minutes? Were you late for work then?) Yes. I had to get a "delay certificate." (But then how…?) They were towing over there."

Commuter:"I left Zhongli at 6:18 a.m. The trip should have taken one hour and 40 minutes. It's been three hours."

Meanwhile, a local train traveling from Nuannuan Station to Sijiaoting Station hit a pedestrian at 7:30 a.m., causing further rail delays between Sijiaoting and Qidu.

Ying Chih-ching, Stationmaster, Keelung Station:"Tracks 1 and 2 are operational, but 3 and 4 aren't. This was the cause of certain trains being delayed."

Delays ranged from 10 to 100 minutes and normal rail traffic did not resume until 9:30 a.m. Taiwan Railways says 32 trains carrying 6,500 passengers were affected.





基隆站站務人員表示:「號誌壞掉了!(好像五點多就開始?) 對,車要走,是不是?」


旅客表示:「(延誤)四十幾分鐘。(四十幾分鐘,所以上班有遲到?) 對啊!所以要拿誤點證明。(但是又?) 他們在那邊拖啊!」



基隆站長 應志清表示:「一股、二股可以使用,三股、四股就沒辦法使用。所以說,造成一些列車延誤了。」