CWB Describes Typhoon Chanthu as "Growing Explosively" 中颱璨樹週末影響台灣 最快明晚發布海警

Presenter: Chanthu is the 14th typhoon this year and may affect Taiwan this weekend. The Central Weather Bureau says a sea warning may be issued on the evening of Sept. 9 at the earliest.

Typhoon Chanthu has been strengthening rapidly over the past day. It is currently at the upper limits of what would be defined as a moderate typhoon. It is moving in a westward direction. Central Weather Bureau Director Cheng Ming-dean described the typhoon as "growing explosively" in a Facebook post due to the astonishing speed at which it is strengthening. He added that a prudent response will be needed. The CWB said it may issue a sea warning on the evening of Sept. 9 at the earliest.

Wang Chun-hsien, Specialist, Central Weather Bureau:” Generally speaking, the possibility of it advancing towards the Bashi Channel is the highest. If that is the path, the Central Weather Bureau may issue a sea warning tomorrow night or early morning the day after tomorrow. Further observation is needed with regards to a land warning."

The CWB forecasts Chanthu will follow the southern edge of a high-pressure system and move in a westward direction as it approaches Taiwan. Although this typhoon is strengthening rapidly, its level 7 winds and radius of maximum wind of 120 kilometers are not considered big. Therefore, any deviation in its path will affect whether a land warning is issued. After Sept. 9, the high-pressure system in the Pacific will weaken, affecting the typhoon's path.

Chia Hsin-hsing, Weather Expert:”On Sept. 11, Typhoon Chanthu will be moving towards Taiwan's southeast. During this time, winds and waves will gradually get bigger in the entire Bashi Channel and along Taiwan's eastern half, and rain will gradually begin to fall.”

Taiwan will feel the effects of the typhoon between Sept. 11 and 13, with the southern and eastern regions bearing the brunt and seeing rain. Experts say the high-pressure system will begin weakening on Sept. 9, putting the typhoon within a low-pressure zone. Its path may still change, and people need to keep updated on the latest weather information.




氣象局技正 王君賢:「大致上而言還是會朝著,巴士海峽這邊行進的機率是最高的。那以這樣的路徑來看的話,氣象局不排除會在明天的晚上,或者是後天的清晨,發布海上颱風警報,那至於陸上警報的部分就還要再觀察。」

氣象局預測,璨樹颱風將沿著高壓南緣,向西移動,慢慢接近台灣,這個颱風雖然強度增強快速,但七級風暴風半徑 120 公里,並不算大,因此路徑稍微偏移,就會影響是否發陸上警報,週四之後,太平洋高壓減弱的幅度,將是影響颱風走向的關鍵。

氣象專家 賈新興:「9月11日的時候,璨樹颱風就朝著台灣的東南方移動,所以這個時候慢慢整個巴士海峽,還有台灣東半部的這個風浪就逐漸增大,而且降雨也會慢慢逐漸開始。」