Chasing Source of Infection, Experts Say Serology Test Better than PCR 幼兒園群聚 專家籲加驗血清抗體找感染源

Doctor calls for inoculation of both COVID-19 and seasonal flu to lower the severity once infected.

Presenter: In view of the recent new outbreaks, medical experts suggest that serology tests, as well as PCR tests should be conducted in order to better trace the source of infection.   

The cluster infection at a kindergarten in New Taipei City continues to escalate. Five more confirmed cases were reported on Tuesday, Sept. 7, including two students and three parents. Infectious disease expert Huang Li-min said that a serology test should also be conducted on top of a PCR test to better trace the source of infection.

Huang Li-min, Honorary Chair, Infectious Diseases Society of Taiwan:” If there is an unvaccinated parent who received a positive antibody test result and doesn't have the virus currently, you should ask whether he or she has experienced any discomfort two or three weeks ago. Try to refresh his or her memory, maybe he or she went through COVID earlier.”

Currently, children aged 12 and below cannot receive a COVID vaccination, but they can get a flu shot. The latest medical findings from the U.K. discovered that the death rate becomes two times higher if the patient contracts both the coronavirus and the flu virus. Therefore, both parents and children are encouraged to get their flu shots as the flu season starts in October.

Chiu, Cheng-hsun, Dep. Supt., Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital:” The seasonal flu may become another epidemic if people choose not to receive their flu shots. Young people, the elders, and those who suffer from chronic diseases may suffer from severe illness if they get the flu or COVID.”

Doctors say that getting flu shots would not only prevent getting the flu but also lower the severity of COVID and prevent getting hospitalized for COVID. The Central Epidemic Command Center says the government's annual free flu vaccination program starts on October 1. Citizens are advised to wait at least 7 days in between getting a flu vaccination and COVID vaccination. This is to avoid any cross-reactions and to better determine adverse reactions from COVID vaccinations if any. 




台灣感染症醫學會名譽理事長 黃立民:「如果有某一個家長呢,他沒有打過疫苗可是抗體是陽性然後目前他沒有病毒,說不定你可以問他,兩三個禮拜前他是不是有點不舒服,你給他問一下他就會回憶起來了,那個說不定就是比較早的事件。」


林口長庚醫院副院長 邱政洵:「季節性的流感有可能就會捲土重來,大家如果沒有施打這個疫苗的話,大家都知道小孩子和年長者或有一些慢性病的人,他得到流感病毒的時候,他發生重症的風險是最高的。」