Buying meat products with unknown sources still faces fines 網購不明肉製品 違規亦要承擔刑責.罰金

Smuggling meat products risks 7 years of life sentences and up to $3 million fine.

Presenter:Taiwanese people are unknowingly violating the Statute for Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Diseases and will face penalties and fines when they place online orders for products containing meat from overseas.

Netizens that place online orders for pastries containing meat often unknowingly violate the Statute for Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Disease.

Fei Wei-ling, Food and Drug Administration Division, Public Health Bureau, Tainan:”Most of these ads are written in simplified Chinese with rough language. Company names and contact information are generally not listed. You usually have to get in touch with them using Line. Do not buy mooncakes containing meat of unclear origins online from overseas.”

Animal protection and health workers have been tasked with inspecting postal packages. The Tainan City Public Health Bureau says it can be difficult to trace who placed online ads and all it can do is report suspicious ads to the police. Importing products containing pork is a violation of Article 41 of the Statute for Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Disease and punishable by up to seven years in prison and fines of up to NT$3 million.

Huang Wei-che, Tainan City Mayor:”First of all, central agencies like the police and Criminal Investigation Bureau should have the Financial Supervisory Commission freeze bank accounts when they come across irregular payment methods on online ads. Locally, we will investigate ads that harmed farmers' rights and consumer safety.”

The bureau says the ads also hurt local products and the products being sold may be from China. Officials say citizens should not order food of unknown origins from overseas or they may face fines. The bureau also says it is monitoring legal retail platforms for suspicious items.




台南市衛生局食品藥物管理科長 費偉玲:「它網頁內容大部分都簡體字,內容也是比較粗糙不精美的,以大部分這樣網站是看不到公司行號或是它的連絡資訊,通常都用LINE的方式來跟業者下訂在網路上不要購買來源不明的,境外的含肉月餅。」


台南市長 黃偉哲:「第一個呼籲中央警政單位像刑事局,他們網路巡邏對於一頁式廣告如果發現付款方式很奇怪,馬上就要最好是把它聯合金管會把它的銀行帳戶封起來,在地方上我們對於這種一頁式廣告,侵害到農民權益、影響到消費者安全,這個部分我們也會嚴加查察。」


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