More Problems with Vaccine Registration System Reported 第9類身分登記接種 取消多餘序號竟歸零

A woman listed in Category 9 said her booking was "nowhere to be found", accusing the vaccination appointment system of having a design flaw.

Due to a bug in the government's vaccination registration system, there is no record of Ms. Chen having registered for a vaccine. Ms. Chen is in Category 9 of the government's vaccination priority system and has a major illness. She registered on the platform on July 6, and a family member helped her register a second time on the same day. One of the numbers she got was therefore canceled. On the 22nd, she discovered her other registration had been canceled as well. Unsure where to turn, Chen emailed the registration platform, Audrey Tang, and the health and welfare minister. She got no response from any of them.

Ms. Chen, Citizen:"If I had registered 10 times on July 6, I would have been assigned 10 registration numbers and gotten 10 appointments. I was later told that it was "possible" that this would hurt not only me, someone willing to speak up, but also the (people whose registrations were canceled) between the 6th and 13th that are unaware their registrations were canceled."

Ho Chih-wei, Legislator (DPP):"Why wasn't she even notified of this? Why was her registration canceled without any sort of notification whatsoever?"

Chen says she deleted multiple registration numbers because she didn't want to take someone else's vaccine. In the end, however, her own registration was canceled. The Ministry of Health and Welfare admits there is a flaw in the design of the system, in that it only recognizes the last change made.

Chen Shu-fang, Specialist, Ministry of Health and Welfare:"The system can only handle one change at a time. We will look into Ms. Chen's situation to see what happened. We may have to make important announcements."

The ministry says people should not delete anything if they register more than once and it will make changes to the system to avoid future "misunderstandings."




民眾 陳小姐表示:「7月6號,我如果登記10次,是不是也有10個序號?也有10個預約的資格呢?他才告訴我說,有可能。這個所謂有可能,不是只有傷害到我,願意出來說話的人,而是傷害到這中間,從6號到13號,這些黑數,你們並沒有說出來。」

民進黨立委 何志偉表示:「為什麼連通知都不通知?為什麼被取消,也不講一聲?」


衛生福利部簡任技正 陳淑芳表示:「在系統裡面,它只會認,一次一次,你去作業的內容,跟修改的內容。所以這個陳小姐狀況,我們後續會再去看,我們在系統裡面,是不是因為這樣的狀況,我們需要再做更重要的提醒。」



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