Driver Suffers Hematoma, Respiratory Tract Damage from Helmet 戴安全帽繫帶過長 婦人車禍勒喉引血腫

A Kaohsiung woman was recently taken to the hospital after an accident and a doctor noticed that her voice was getting more and more hoarse. It turns out the strap on her helmet was too loose and strangled her throat during the accident.

A 40-something scooter driver was recently treated for a hematoma on her vocal cords and damage to her respiratory tract after getting into an accident.

Tang Chen-ling, Trauma Doctor, Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital:"Her helmet was too loose, and when she braked the helmet pulled her head back."

Her doctor says the injury was caused by a too-long helmet strap, which pulled back against her throat when she braked. Symptoms of this kind of injury, which can take up to 48 hours to develop, include a hoarse voice and respiratory distress. Doctors say everyone should be on alert for helmet straps that are too long.

Ms. Chang, Safety Helmet Store Owner:"We recommend a finger's width (from the chin). Without that space, it'd be hard to breathe."

Citizen:"When it's (very) windy and you're driving fast, (your helmet) will feel loose. In that situation, I wear my helmet tighter."

The recommended gap between one's chin and helmet strap is 1 centimeter and straps should be readjusted every time a helmet is put on.




高醫外傷及重症外科醫生 唐貞綾表示:「應該是安全帽,他戴的有一點太鬆了。然後造成說他在車禍,緊急剎車的時候,安全帽整個往後拉,然後去勒到他的脖子。」


安全帽業者 張小姐表示:「建議(離下巴)就是一個手指頭穿進去。因為你一個手指頭穿不進去,他可能也呼吸困難。」