Paper version of "quintuple stimulus vouchers" parallels with digital form in October 五倍券預計10月上路 紙本與數位並行

The Executive Yuan is aiming to issue the quintuple stimulus vouchers in October, with digital binding beginning on September 22 at the earliest.

Presenter: The Executive Yuan is aiming to issue the quintuple stimulus vouchers in October, with ditigal binding beginning on September 22 at the earliest.

The government is set to launch the quintuple stimulus vouchers in October. It will offer both paper and digital versions, and people can begin binding them to digital payment services on Sept. 22 at the earliest. Individuals who choose to bind digital vouchers will not be able to change to paper vouchers once they complete the action, unlike with last year's triple stimulus vouchers. They will need to use the vouchers before April 2022.

Citizen 1:" You have to first make a decision and then do it (bind digital vouchers). That's not a problem."

Citizen 2:" I think it's convenient that they're allowing families to bind them together, and you can use it to buy products needed by the household."

Citizen 3:" Senior citizens will still opt for paper vouchers because they're more accustomed to this."

The government is encouraging people to opt for digital vouchers by offering extra benefits for binding digital vouchers to digital payment services. Some said it's convenient, while others were used to using paper vouchers. The government will allow families of up to five people to bind their vouchers. There are reports that the Ministry of Economic Affairs will grant a five-day grace period to families in case any mistakes are made. They will be able to make cancelations between Oct. 2 and Oct. 6.

Let's say that I make a mistake with the binding today or I have regrets. I think it's reasonable to have this period. I think this policy was made with convenience in mind.

I have to go ask. I think it'll be better for the minister to answer.

Families can bind vouchers through the quintuple stimulus voucher website or at convenience stores using their national health insurance cards. For example, if a mother binds the vouchers of her family of three and the father changes his mind and decides he wants paper vouchers, he can make changes during the grace period. The government is hoping to stimulate the economy with vouchers. The National Development Council believes there is a good chance the growth rate will exceed six percent.








台經院研究六所所長 吳孟道:「可能說,我今天如果綁錯了,可以後悔的這樣一個空間,我覺得這也合理,我覺得這個是以政策比較便民的角度去思考。」

經濟部次長 曾文生:「這要問,還是我覺得讓部長來回答。」