Man reached 133km/h with jet engine installed on bicycle 單車裝噴射引擎 飆速破百公里影片瘋傳

C. Chuang
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Man apologize for disturbance while police said the act risks public safety. 

Presenter: A Tainan resident recently allowed his bike to reach a speed of 133 kilometer per hour by mounting a jet engine on it. He said he just wanted to fulfill his childhood dream but the police think otherwise.

The jet engine has been mounted onto the back of a bicycle. It's started and emits flames and a roar that is just like an airplane engine. The bicycle is propelled forward and reaches a speed of 133 kilometers per hour in 30 seconds. This video went viral after it was posted online. It also caught the attention of the police. They said installing an engine on a bicycle turns it into a self-assembled vehicle and using it on certain roads is illegal.

If you add an engine or a motor to a bicycle, then it will be regarded as a self-assembled vehicle. Under Article 12 of the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act, self-assembled vehicles can be confiscated and a fine of NT$3,600 to NT$10,800 can be issued.

The person who added the engine to the bicycle did not know he had broken the law until he was tracked down by the police. His primary concern was that they would confiscate the vehicle, so he disassembled it at the scene. The police ended up only issuing a warning. The implicated party, a Tainan resident surnamed Wang, said the engine was for a remote-controlled model airplane and cost NT$180,000. He said he put it on the bike to fulfill a childhood dream of adding an engine to his favorite vehicle. He apologized for breaking laws while testing the vehicle on roads.

That was illegal, but at that time I had made sure that there were no people or cars around. I just wanted to test the speed.

The Tainan City Police Department's Traffic Police Corps said there aren't many cases like this one. They said there may be safety issues with self-assembled vehicles and people should avoid doing so.




南市交大執法組長 廖信智:「慢車如果加裝輔助引擎或是馬達,是依汽車的拼裝車處理,依照道路交通管理處罰條例第12條,拼裝車輛是可以沒入並處罰3600元至10800元。」


當事人 王先生:「這點確實是違法,但是當下我有確認,當下是沒有人跟車在動,對,我只是想試它的加速。」