First shipment of 923k BNT vaccines arrives one month earlier in Taiwan 提早一個月到貨 BNT疫苗93.2萬劑抵台

Health minister appreciated Hon Hai, TSMC, and Tzu Chi for their efforts in vaccine acquisition.

Presenter: 932,000 doses of BNT vaccines touched down at the Taoyuan International Airport on September 2, one month ahead of schedule. CECC chief  Chen Shih-chung thanked Hon Hai's YongLin Foundation, Tzu Chi Foundation and TSMC for their joint efforts.

The first shipment of 932,000 BNT vaccines arrived in Taiwan at 7 a.m. on Sept. 2. Central Epidemic Command Center chief Chen Shih-chung later thanked Hon Hai, TSMC, and Tzu Chi on behalf of the government.

Chen Shih-chung, Chief, Central Epidemic Command Center:” Every obstacle was overcome and the contracts were signed. [Terry] Gou also went to Europe and made sure everything was in order. He cooperated fully with (the government).” 

TSMC Charity Foundation Chair Chang Shu-fen and Tzu Chi Foundation CEO Yen Po-wen were at the airport when the cargo flight landed. Chang said it's a beautiful thing when everyone works together for the greater good and called on the industry to help fight the pandemic.

Chang Shu-fen, Chair, TSMC Charity Foundation:” The success of this partnership shows that unity is power. Ultimately, my hope is that everyone in Taiwan can make it through the epidemic safe and sound.”

Yen Po-wen, CEO, Tzu Chi Foundation:” I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work. I am also grateful to BNT and Fosun Pharma for their generosity in providing us with vaccines ahead of schedule.” 

Hon Hai's Yonglin Foundation said the name "Comirnaty" was removed from outer packaging after arriving in Taiwan, and future shipments from Germany would be compliant with local regulations.




中央流行疫情指揮中心指揮官 陳時中:「克服所有的困難,把合約也簽訂,郭董事長也到歐洲去把這些細節也做了適當的安排,跟國內充分的配合。」


台積電慈善基金會董事長 張淑芬:「從這次合作的成功,讓我感覺到團結就是一個力量,最後我衷心希望台灣大家能在疫情中平平安安。」

慈濟基金會執行長 顏博文:「想藉這個的機會,對各界的努力,表達誠摯的感謝之意,也感恩BNT原廠及復興醫藥的慷慨促成提前交貨。」