TRA, THSR resume 80% of full capacity. Eating allowed in proper social distance in stations 雙鐵販售座位增至8成 站內保持社距可飲食

Further relaxation on COVID protocols in Taiwan railways and high-speed rail trains is expected. Both TRA and THSR will increase their capacity from 70 to 80 percent.

Sealed snacks are delivered to the seats. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications announced the resumption of eating on Taiwan Railways Administration's tourism trains under certain conditions. The companies that charter the tourism trains now deliver meals instead of having passengers get food themselves from a spread. 

You Kuo-chen, Travel Industry Worker:” There are still measures in place after allowing eating while under the Level 2 alert. For example, the seating is staggered and real-name registration is required. Before, passengers could come to the bar and ask for coffee. In the future, there will probably be sealed cups of hot coffee that will be delivered to seats.” 

Eating remains banned on other Taiwan Railways and Taiwan High Speed Rail trains. However, eating is allowed in the non-restricted areas of stations as long as social distances can be maintained. Many people had their doubts.

Resident 1:” I wouldn't go there, I wouldn't. (So you're not eating out right now?) No, I only eat at home.”

Resident 2:” (Would you bring your kids to these public areas to eat now that they're open?) I would take a look around first and see what's going on.” 

The MOTC has also relaxed other restrictions. It is now allowing the TRA and THSR to operate at 80 percent capacity, up from 70 percent. The TRA said it can now sell 6,000 more seats a day. It will also add trains to the schedule for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Lai Wei-chun, Specialist, Transportation Department, TRA:” During the Mid-Autumn Festival long weekend, which is Sept. 17 to Sept. 22, there will be an additional 42,000 seats available, a 10 percent increase. They will go on sale at 9 am on Sept. 7.” 

Taiwan High Speed Rail said passenger numbers are rising again. It planned to add trains starting in September but moved it forward to Aug. 25. It is currently offering 809 trains a week and could add more for the Mid-Autumn Festival long weekend depending on demand.




旅遊業者 游國珍:「開放餐飲在一個二級的警示之下,還是有相當的一個規範,比方講就是說間隔座實名制,包含在車上這種手沖咖啡,以前客人可以到吧檯自由索取,那未來的咖啡可能是由,熱咖啡要密封,然後送到客人的位置上面。」





台鐵運務處營業科專員 賴緯駿:「那在中秋連續假期,也就是9/17到9/22,則會增加4.2萬個座位數,那中秋連續假期增加的一成座位數,台鐵局將會在9/7的上午九點開放民眾訂票。」