Taoyuan Doubles Perks on Quintuples Voucher Program 振興五倍券加碼 桃園推200換400好市券

Many local governments are releasing their own coupons to use in combination with the national quintuple stimulus vouchers to double their amount in cash value. The quintuple stimulus voucher program will be launched at the beginning of October, and local governments created these additional coupons as incentives for citizens to use the vouchers. 

The quintuple stimulus vouchers program is scheduled to launch at the beginning of October. Taoyuan City Government is also issuing coupons in which their residents can use the stimulus vouchers in exchange for Taoyuan coupons of higher value. A NT$200 worth of stimulus vouchers can be exchanged for NT$400 worth of Taoyuan coupons that come in NT$100 each. Taoyuan residents who choose to use digital versions of the quintuple stimulus vouchers can link their Taoyuan citizen cards to win a lottery for a NT$1000 bonus after spending the NT$5000 worth of vouchers.

Cheng Wen-tsan, Taoyuan City Mayor:” Taoyuan residents can exchange NT$200 worth of stimulus vouchers into NT$400 worth of Taoyuan coupons that come in NT$100 each. You get double the value and in smaller denominations.”

Taoyuan resident:” Of course, it's good, you get more. We should receive more or less the same treatment as residents in other cities and counties. It's only fair to not get lagged.” 

Some Taoyuan residents are envious of New Taipei City residents' opportunity to exchange their NT$5000 for NT$10,000 and they wish Taoyuan City Government can offer more benefits as well. 

New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-ih mentioned earlier plans of issuing New Taipei City bonus coupons with some coming in small denominations to be used with the stimulus vouchers.

Hou Yu-ih, New Taipei City Mayor:” It's easy, you just get double the amount. You can exchange 1000 for 2000 and 5000 for 10,000. We will be giving out 310,000 bonus coupons in total, and some will even come in denominations of NT$50 each.” 

Several local governments are implementing ways to bump up the values of these stimulus vouchers and creating opportunities to boost the stalling economy. Local governments are also devising ways to break these vouchers into smaller denominations to encourage people to use these vouchers at eateries and small shops so that small businesses can take part and benefit from the latest stimulus voucher program.




桃園市長 鄭文燦:「好市券會以發行,200塊的振興券換400元,每張100元的桃園好市券,金額放大一倍,面額縮小。」



新北市長 侯友宜:「很簡單,採取用加倍的方式,1000換2000,5000換10000 我們會有31萬份,同時,我們使用的面額,會有50塊的小面額。」


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