Taiwan to See Scorching Hot Weather Until Next Tuesday 高壓勢力增強 下週二前各地晴朗炎熱

The Central Weather Bureau warns of scorching weather across Taiwan during the next week. Temperatures in the greater Taipei, Taoyuan, and Hualien-Taitung regions could exceed 36 degrees Celsius, and ultraviolet index could reach a risky level. 

The Central Weather Bureau says a high-pressure system in the Pacific Ocean is strengthening, and all of Taiwan can see scorching hot weather between Aug. 27 and 31

Lo Ya-yin, Senior Specialist, Central Weather Bureau:” Some inland parts of Nantou and the East Rift Valley in Hualien and Taitung frequently experience high temperatures of 36 degrees. The high-pressure system in the Pacific Ocean could remain strong until the end of August. During this time, all parts will need to be mindful of unusually high daytime temperatures.

The CWB issued a "high temperature" alert on the morning of Aug. 26. Around noon on Aug. 26, the alert level for Hualien's East Rift Valley area flashed orange, and there is the possibility that temperatures will reach 36 degrees Celsius or higher, up to 38 degrees Celsius.

The alert level was yellow for Taitung's East Rift Valley area, the greater Taipei area, and Taoyuan City, which means temperatures could reach 36 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature as of 10 a.m. on Aug. 26 was 34.8 degrees Celsius recorded in Taitung's Changbin Township. The second-highest was 34.2 degrees Celsius in Taipei's Tianmu area. Temperatures exceeded 33 degrees Celsius in Miaoli's Zaoqiao Township, Taipei's Neihu District, and Taoyuan's Dayuan District. Temperatures were highest around noon.

Chia Hsin-hsing, Director, Taiwan Green Engineering Consultants Inc.:” The most important factor remains the environment. If winds are more southwesterly, then it's more likely for the leeward side of the eastern half to have high temperatures similar to Foehn winds. The winds are not that strong. It's mostly because of the high-pressure system enveloping the Pacific Ocean.”

The CWB said the high-pressure system continues to strengthen and temperatures could rise to 36 to 37 degrees Celsius or even higher between Aug. 27 and 31. This will be the period with the highest temperatures in all of August.



中央氣象局技正 羅雅尹:「南投內陸一點的地方,花東的縱谷也經常出現36度的高溫,太平洋高壓勢力比較強的這個情況,可能會持續到8月底,這段期間各地都還是要留意白天氣溫偏高的狀況。」

氣象局一早就發布"高溫資訊",26號中午前後,花蓮縣縱谷為"橙色燈號",有連續出現36度高溫機率,甚至不排除出現38度高溫。台東縣縱谷,大台北地區,桃園市地區為黃色燈號,也有出現36度高溫機率。截至26號上午10點,最高溫在臺東縣長濱鄉,34.8度,其次台北市天母區,34.2度,苗栗縣造橋鄉、 台北市內湖區、 桃園市大園區,都超過33度。中午前後溫度更高。

台灣永續環境工程顧問公司總監 賈新興:「最主要還是因為大環境,如果是比較偏西南風,背風面的這個東半部呢,相對會比較容易出現,類似焚風的高溫現象。焚風強度不是那麼強啦,最主要還是因為(太平洋)高壓籠罩。」