Chronic Disease, Drug Use Blamed for Post-Medigen Deaths 打高端疫苗後死亡 1人有慢性病.1人曾吸毒

Two suspected deaths have been reported since the inoculation of Medigen vaccine started this week. One is a chronic disease patient, while the other is a drug user. Experts say more investigations, and even an autopsy is needed to determine whether the two incidents are related. With that being said, doctor say COVID-19 vaccines have caused very rare anaphylaxis reactions, which occurred within 30 minutes of receiving the shot.

Two people have died after receiving vaccines on the first day the government started Medigen inoculation. Officials say one had a chronic condition and the other was a drug user, and their death cannot be attributed to the vaccines until autopsies results come out. One domestic expert says amongst 600-plus post-AZ and Moderna deaths in Taiwan, heart disease was ruled the cause of death in the majority of these cases.

Chang Shang-chun, Advisor, Central Epidemic Command Center:” You're asking these people to come for vaccines. If they were going to die anyway, they would still die. So, this is a case of their time being up. Were (these deaths) caused (by the vaccine)? You'll need to do tests to find out.”

Lee Ping-ing, Supervisor, Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society of Taiwan:” Anaphylaxis always occurs within 30 minutes. If (the reaction) occurs some hours later or two or three days later, you can almost say (death) was most definitely not caused by anaphylaxis.” 

However, the expert went on to say vaccines can't cause heart disease but can cause anaphylactic shock. He suggested vaccine takers stay for half an hour after getting vaccinated. In Keelung, a young couple both experienced discomfort after getting Medigen vaccines. The husband's body went limp, with the wife broke out in chills. A doctor says it is unlikely the reactions were caused by the vaccine.

Chou Pai-chien, Pulmonologist, Taipei Hospital:” If you didn't drink enough water or eat enough sugar before getting the vaccine, you may experience low blood glucose issues. It's rare that you would see adverse events happen to a husband and a wife at the same time.” 

The doctor also said conclusions can't be drawn because there isn't a large enough sample size of people that have gotten the Medigen vaccine. According to the doctor, there were no serious side effects reported during Medigen's Phase 2 trial and nothing that has happened so far can be considered a danger sign. Therefore, he doesn't recommend stopping Medigen vaccinations.




中央流行疫情指揮中心專家諮詢小組召集人 張上淳:「現在這群人把他叫出來打疫苗,他本來會碰到死亡的狀況他還是會發生,所以這就是所謂時序上剛好碰上了,是不是有因果關係,可能要另外去求證。」

台灣兒童感染症醫學會常務理事 李秉穎:「過敏性休克他一定是發生在30分鐘之內,有時候會拖到幾個小時,隔了兩天、三天的話,幾乎可以說不可能是,過敏性休克引起來的(死亡)。」


北醫胸腔內科醫師 周百謙:「打疫苗之前沒有足夠的水分以及足夠的糖分,低血糖或血糖的問題,因為比較少在夫妻同時出現,副作用這麼的明顯。」