Makeshift Road Replacing Damaged Bridge Completed 明霸克露橋斷逾2週 便道搶通今開放通行

Recent heavy rains destroyed a local bridge in Kaohsiung's Taoyuan District. After 17 days of repairs, a makeshift road was completed and opened to traffic.

A line of vehicles waiting under a brightening sky. Two weeks ago, heavy rain destroyed Mingba Kelu Bridge in Kaohsiung's Taoyuan District. Highway authorities made repairs and constructed a makeshift road in the landslide-prone area. After 17 days of work, the road was opened to traffic.

Resident:” I went to help out family members with crops. I helped with the harvesting, and then immediately left. This way is more convenient, otherwise, you have to make a detour through Taitung, which is really far.”

Resident:” I couldn't sleep yesterday because I was so happy. I'm going to go buy medicine.” 

Some people departed at 4 a.m. Highway authorities offered a sacrifice before opening the road to pray for safety. They also prayed for the safe return of Taoyuan District representative Hsieh I-chen, who is still missing.

“Please do not randomly honk your horns while passing through.”

Vehicles proceeded in an orderly fashion once the road opened. However, the road conditions were not good, and the rides were bumpy. For safety considerations, the road is only open in both directions from 7 to 8 a.m. and from 12 to 1 p.m. during the first three days. Authorities warned motorists to not randomly honk their horns when using the road, as construction workers could mistake the sound for the landslide warning alert noise.

Wu Chao-huang, Director, Third Maintenance Office, DGH:” We're making adjustments at this higher place. We're unable to make it perfectly straight, and there is no way to make this vertical slope as smooth as it is on flat ground. In the end, it's only a makeshift road to offer access to the three boroughs for people.” 

Once the road was opened, mail delivery could resume.

Mr. Tu, Postal Carrier, Liugui Post Office:” After the road was destroyed, we kept all the letters at the post office. Now that there is a road, we're going up there to deliver all the letters.” 

A postal carrier said access to tribal villages was cut off for over 14 days, and he had to accelerate his delivery speed this time because he had to be back at the road by 1 p.m. or else he wouldn't be able to return.









交通部公路總局三工處長 吳昭煌:「是往這個比較高的地方去調整,那當然在現行部份沒有辦法說很筆直,那在這個縱坡部份,也沒有辦法像在平地這樣這麼順暢。但是畢竟它是一條可以暫時解決復興以上3(個)里民眾通行的一個維生便道。」


高雄六龜郵局郵差 杜先生:「這幾天信都是因為路斷掉之後,我們都留在郵局。對,然後現在路通了,我們就馬上要上來分送。」