Smugglers Detained for Illegally Import Meats Positive with African Swine Fever 母女自越南走私肉製品 遭檢聲押

A mother and daughter, both nationals of Vietnam, are accused of illegally importing 71 kilograms of meat products into Taiwan by courier. They have been consequently detained. The police are tracing the products they sold, as the products were tested positive for African swine fever. At least six eateries have been identified as having purchased and used the contaminated meat products. 

This woman and her daughter have been detained for smuggling meat products in Taiwan.

Chang Jui-juan, New Taipei City Deputy Chief Prosecutor:” This is a major crime and they also destroyed evidence. There may also have been collusion and they may be repeat offenders. The two defendants are overseas compatriots from Vietnam and they may try to flee. As the African swine virus was found in the meat products and their customer base spans all of Taiwan, we are seeking their detention while we trace the products downstream.”

The 71 kilograms of smuggled products included mooncakes, hot dogs and sausages. The shipment was seized and destroyed after the African swine virus was found in the products. Police are now trying to trace the products that have already been sold.

Teng Hsueh-hsin, Deputy Commissioner, Criminal Investigation Bureau:”We have already searched 300-plus locations and found a total of six suspicious, possibly smuggled Vietnamese meat products.” 

Police have identified at least six eateries in Keelung, Hualien and Taitung that purchased or used the products. Over 1,000 companies will be searched in the next few days.




新北地檢署襄閱主任檢察官 張瑞娟:「犯嫌重大且有滅證、勾串及再犯之虞,且被告兩人為越南裔人士,有逃亡之虞,又本件肉製品含有非洲豬瘟病毒,客戶遍及全台,為追查感染之下游製品流向向法院聲請羈押。」


刑事局副局長 鄧學鑫:「已經清查300多個處所,那在這一些處所裡面我們總共有發現,有6件,有可疑越南走私肉品的案件。」