Provincial Highway No. 20 to Taitung Opens for Disconnected Boroughs 南橫台東端今明開放 供高雄桃源三里通行

Three boroughs in Kaohsiung remain cut off, with the only access to the outside world is a makeshift route, that allows residents to purchase supplies. A resident with cardiovascular disease also used the route to seek medical treatment.

People sitting in these cars are residents of three boroughs in Kaohsiung's Taoyuan District. Their homes were cut off from the outside world when the only access bridge was damaged 2 weeks ago. This route was designated for the residents to go on supply runs. 

Authorities opened a section of Nanheng Road between Meishankou to Xiangyang to residents on Aug. 20, and a traffic jam quickly developed.

Resident:” I bought some meat and cooking oil. (Who did you leave the mountain with today?) Family members. (What time did you come back?) It was a round trip. (You made a round trip today?) Yes.” 

In the opposite direction, supplies are waiting to be delivered to Taoyuan. A district representative even drove back from Kaohsiung in late Aug. 19 so that he can sell Taoyaun's mangos in urban areas.

Ku Ming-liang, Representative, Haiduan Township:” With the road being damaged, there aren't any supplies. We are all one family, so we decided to see what we can do to help our family.”

Cheng Cheng-wei, Director, Third Maintenance Office Jiasian Construction Section, DGH:” On the first day and subsequently, we are using guided vehicles to help direct traffic between Meishan and Xiangyang.”

Although the route didn't open until Aug. 20, one resident was transported off the mountain on the evening of Aug. 19. The 60-something man, a diabetic with a chronic heart condition, fell unconscious and had to be transported out for medical attention.

The area where the three boroughs are located is not accessible by air. Authorities say Nanheng Road will be open three times a day on Aug. 20 and 21 between Kaohsiung's Meishankou and Taitung's Xiangyang, with the last period extended by one hour. Residents that aren't able to make it back before then can stay at a Taitung Forest District Office cabin overnight free of charge.






台東海端鄉代會代表 古明良:「路中斷了,應該都是沒有物資了,所以我們就一家人,就協調是不是我們來支援高雄區的一家人。」

公路總局第三區養護工程處甲仙工務段長 陳正偉:「第一天我們是採,跟後面都會採前導後衛的方式,來做一個導引車輛來通行梅山到向陽這一個路段。」



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