Environmental Groups Blast Ocean Affairs Council 離岸風電爭議 漁業衝突與生態類居多

The Tsai administration continues to promote renewable energy, including controversial offshore wind turbines, while some worry that it would detrimentally affect the eco-system and fishery industry. In late July, the Bureau of Energy announced details on the project. Environmental groups say the bureau has hijacked the Ocean Affairs Council to destroy the marine environment, and that development should be banned in a core area of 8 nautical miles from shore. 

In July, the Bureau of Energy released application and commercialization plans for the Tsai administration's offshore wind turbine project. Environmental groups say the plan violates the rights of the fishery community. The groups say a core area of 8 nautical miles from shore should be established, with development projects banned in the area.

Chung Han-shu, Director, Taiwan Ocean and Environmental Sustainability Law Center:”A core area of 8 nautical miles from shore should be established, with the construction of wind turbines banned in the area.” 

The groups also say if offshore wind turbines have to be constructed, they should be constructed in such a way that they coexist with the fishery industry. The groups also blasted the Bureau of Energy allowing companies to build wind turbines wherever they want, saying Taiwan is going backwards in marine conservation.

Kuo Chia-wen, Researcher, Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association:”Apart from the no-development zone, they are giving developers free rein on where to build the turbines. This is a clear violation of the original intention of the Renewable Energy Development Act, especially on the marine conservation front. (The government) is going in the wrong direction.”

The groups say there is insufficient ecological data on which other ecologically sensitive marine areas should be protected. In addition, they expressed concerns about the way the Bureau of Energy is overstepping its bounds and going over the Ocean Affairs Council's head. The groups are calling on the government to make ecological conservation a fundamental principle for marine development projects so that it does not violate the next generation's marine rights.




漁民權益暨環境永續中心主任 鍾瀚樞:「在這個部分都禁建離岸的風場,近岸海域到離岸八海浬都應該要劃為高敏感的核心區。」


蠻野心足生態學會研究員 郭佳雯:「除了禁建區之外,全盤開放給廠商自由選址,這樣的作法,恐怕已經違反再生能源發展條例的初衷了,特別是對於海洋保育而言,我們認為這一次的規劃猶如在開倒車。」