Miaoli Council Demands Internationally-certified Vaccines 苗議會通過提案 須接種經國際認證疫苗

The Miaoli County became the first in Taiwan to cast a no-confidence vote against domestic vaccines after its Council passed a motion unanimously to ban vaccines that are not internationally certified.

I would ask my dear colleagues to start discussing the motion of "implementing international-certified vaccines in Miaoli.”

On Aug. 17, the Miaoli County Council passed a motion proposed by the Kuomintang caucus, calling on for a ban on COVID-19 vaccines that are not internationally certified.

Chung Tung-chin, Miaoli County Council Speaker” Does anyone object to Motion 15? If not, it is hereby passed.”

The County Magistrate Hsu Yao-chang reminded residents to book a Medigen Vaccine on a Facebook post on Aug. 16 and faced the motion tabled by his own party on the next day. The KMT caucus says its move is not against the domestic vaccine, but to demand a comprehensive trial before authorising a vaccination. The motion was passed unanimously and became the first no-confidence vote against domestic vaccines among municipalities.

Chiang Tsun-kuei, KMT Caucus Secretary, Miaoli County Council:” You're forcing your vaccine on us when you didn't even bother with a Phase 3 clinical trial? Citizens are forced to go down this road because you can't get enough vaccines. Are you going to take responsibility for the health issues that arise?”

Chang Jui-hsieh, Director, Health Bureau, Miaoli County:” We are following the central government's vaccination policy. We vaccinate residents based on the distribution of vaccines we get from the central government.”

Citizen:” Everyone has the freedom to decide if they want to get vaccinated. There's no way I'm getting Medigen. That's all.” 

The motion is not legally binding and cannot be enforced. The county health bureau says its hands are tied as it can only administer whatever vaccines the central government decides to allocate to the county.





苗栗縣議會議長 鍾東錦:「各位議員同仁,對動之15號案有沒有什麼意見,沒有的話,照原案通過。」


苗栗縣議會國民黨團書記長 江村貴:「你沒有經過三期的實驗,就現在要強迫我們民眾去打。在沒有疫苗期間,逼不得已要選擇這條路,那他們的健康要誰來重視。」

苗栗縣衛生局長 張蕊仙:「我們也是配合中央的疫苗政策,中央撥配什麼樣的疫苗下來,我們就按照中央的撥配給鄉親接種。」



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