Police Vow to Plug Loophole of 350,000 People in 7 Municipalities Unreachable by Drill Sirens 7縣市35萬人在警報漏接區 警政署將補強

The Wanan air raid drills are held on an annual basis, with an estimated 350,000 people cannot hear the sirens as they live in the so-called "coverage gap" areas.

Most people are familiar with the siren sounds that accompany the annual Wanan air raid drills. However, Xikang Borough in Taipei's Neihu District is among the places in the coverage gap, according to an audit report from the central government.

Resident 1:” I've heard them before, they should be pretty loud.”

Resident 2:” You can hear them here, but not too loudly. Sometimes it's really loud, sometimes it's very quiet.”

Wang Hsing-kuo, Chief, Xikang Borough, Neihu District, Taipei City:” If you're closer to a large road, then you can hear them more clearly. There are some coverage gaps, so they want to install them there.”

Xikang Borough is not a rare case. As of November 2020, 38 villages and boroughs, or 350,000 people in seven cities and counties cannot hear the siren. There are government offices, hospitals, and schools located in coverage gaps. The National Police Agency vows to eliminate coverage gaps.

Voice of Chiu Ping-sheng, Director, Maintenance Unit, Civil Defense Office, NPA:” For places that are not covered, city and county governments will first set up warning stations and sirens. They will add more and coordinate with the broadcasting systems of villages and boroughs. Patrolling police vehicles and organized defense groups will also help to sound the sirens.”

The heated demand for land has made it difficult to find places for warning stations. But local authorities are firing up for suitable locations to place the alarms. In case the Internet and television are paralyzed, these sirens will play a small but life-saving role.





民眾 2:「這邊聽的到,但是聲音比較小。有時候就滿大聲的,有時候就小小聲地。」

台北市內湖區西康里長 王興國:「靠大馬路邊內湖路上,就比較聽的到,死角聽不到嘛,所以他希望在聽不到的地方找個點再來設。」


內政部警政署民防指揮管制所修護科長 丘秉笙:「那這些警報涵蓋不足的地方,各縣市政府將會先設置警報台警報器,會增設一些然後並且協調各個村里廣播系統,還有警用車輛巡邏,還有以及轄內有關編組防務團執行警報發放的替代措施。」


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