Pan-Blue Blasts DPP's Closed-door Meeting as "Black Box" Operations 討論五倍券沒揪? 藍委政院外抗議

Conflicts broke out outside the Executive Yuan as Kuomintang lawmakers had serious physical jostles with the police. They criticized the government's decision to issue "quintuple vouchers" without out-of-pocket expenses as a backroom deal, and insisted on giving cash instead.

Kuomintang lawmakers renew their call for cash distributions over stimulus vouchers outside the Executive Yuan. Security guards block them from entering the building. Inside, Democratic Progressive Party lawmakers and senior government officials continued their closed-door meeting.

Johnny Chiang, KMT Chair:” They're having a secret meeting right now. Premier Su [Tseng-chang] is only willing to speak with lawmakers from his own party. Are they having factional dialogue, or are they really taking what the people want into consideration? The people want cash. They want cash, plain and simple.” 

Executive Yuan Deputy Secretary-General Ho Pei-shan later made an appearance, telling KMT lawmakers Vice Premier Shen Jong-chin would meet with them later.

Following the two-hour closed-door meeting, DPP caucus whip Ker Chien-ming told the media. There were 45 pan-green lawmakers at the meeting and 30 spoke. According to Ker, Executive Yuan officials were willing to listen to the opinions of all the pan-green lawmakers.

Ker Chien-ming, DPP Caucus Whip:” Executive Yuan (officials) listened to what party members had to say today and made this decision. Of course, there were some members that asked some questions, including smaller-value (vouchers) and length of time. Many small details were discussed.” 

Ker also said vouchers would be distributed, possibly digitally, around October. According to reports, Premier Su Tseng-chang wouldn't let go of the stimulus voucher format, but relented on making citizens pay for the vouchers up front.









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