Search Underway for Student Fallen into Reservoir Whilst Retrieving His Mobile 研究生疑撿手機滑落曾文水庫 持續搜救

The search for a National Cheng Kung University student is also underway after he fell into the Tsengwen Reservoir on Aug. 11 while he was trying to retrieve a smart phone. The turbid water, however, has hampered the rescue efforts. 

Rescue Personnel:” There is a small gap in the staircase here, so in a bit you'll have to step over. Follow the railing all the way down.” 

Rescue personnel enters the water to search for a 22-year-old student who went to Dapu Lakeside Park near Tsengwen Reservoir. The student is thought to have drowned while trying to retrieve a dropped mobile phone. Police and firefighters promptly launched a rescue operation once they were notified.

Wei Yu-I, Chief, Dapu Police Station, Police Dept., Chiayi County:” It's believed that the student fell into Tsengwen Reservoir while trying to retrieve a mobile phone. The police and firefighters have sent out rubber rafts and divers and will continue the search and rescue operation and investigate the cause of the accident.”

Rubber rafts and divers were dispatched for the operation until late at night on Aug. 11, but found nothing partly because of the turbidity of the water and the rainy weather conditions. They recommenced the operation on Aug. 12.

Rescue Personnel:” He might not even be in this area anymore, but we will continue searching to see if he got stuck in the area under the pavilion. We searched the area under the staircase yesterday.”

Tsengwen Reservoir is currently at near full capacity following several days of extremely heavy rain. The water has submerged the pavilion and surrounding structures, which have been sealed off by the local authority. The public is reminded not to enter closed areas to avert endangering their lives.







搜救人員:「他可能已經不在這個區域了,可是我們還是要再進行搜索,看一下 他有沒有、到底是不是卡在涼亭這整個下方的這個區域。我們昨天包括樓梯底下的區域我們都找過了。」