Shinkong Mitsukoshi A8 Disinfected for Visit of Positive COVID Case 確診者足跡到訪 新光三越A8館大消毒

M. Chuang
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While the pandemic situation is gradually under control, several department stores in downtown Taipei closed for disinfection after being visited by COVID-19 patients.

Shinkong Mitsukoshi disinfected its A8 Hall on Aug. 11 after receiving a notification from the Taipei City Department of Health. On Aug. 8, a COVID-19 case visited level B1 of the hall. They were wearing a mask the entire time and did not stay long. 
B1 was closed on Aug. 12, but the rest of the building was open for business. 
Before A8, the case visited a cake store in Hall A13 of Far Eastern Department Store. The store closed for 24 hours for disinfection and will reopen on Aug. 13. The city government says it is contact tracing two new COVID-19 cases that visited the two aforementioned stores and Breeze Songgao.
Huang Shan-shan, Taipei City Deputy Mayor:” Two COVID-19 cases visited these department stores together. We will be releasing the details on places they visited later today. Please remember the problem is people, not places. These places just have to be managed properly, and it is unlikely that others will become infected from visiting these stores.”
On New Taipei City's Yonghe, a suspected cluster infection has been reported with five cases so far. In the last two weeks, there have been three cases including one infected by a friend, one infected by a family member and one infected by an unknown source. 
Two other people tested positive during community screening on Aug. 9. Currently, 236 residents of the building are quarantining at home. 
In addition, 70 residents have been removed to quarantine hotels due to limited space in their homes. Sixty-seven of the 70 were taken to quarantine hotels on Aug. 11 and the remaining three on Aug. 12.



台北市副市長 黃珊珊:「這幾個百貨公司主要是昨天有兩個確診個案。他們是一起去的,所以我們等一下,今天應該會公布他們整體的足跡。有問題的是人 不是場域,所以場域的部分,我們只要把它做好管理。應該不太會有人是,因為逛百貨公司而確診所以還是說人的匡列比較重要。