Infantry Fighting Vehicle Stranded in River Before Safely Retrieved 雲豹甲車受困湍急溪流 10官兵平安脫困

An embarrassing gaffe happened in Pingtung ahead of the annual Han Kuang Exercise when a military armored vehicle, along with 10 people on board, were stranded while crossing a river. The army says all personnel was saved and the incident is under investigation.

The Pingtung county has seen several consecutive days of torrential rain and stronger currents in its rivers. On Aug. 10, a Clouded Leopard armored vehicle, which belongs to the 6th Army Corps, was trying to cross the Baoli River before it was completely stranded.

Voice of Eyewitness:” It was approaching, and then the entire vehicle got completely wet.”

The infantry fighting vehicle carried troops in a routine training exercise at the Joint Operations Training Base Command in Hengchun. It stalled as it was crossing the river, trapping the 10 troops aboard inside. The military promptly launched a rescue operation, in which the vehicle and all men were saved.

Voice of Major General Chen Chung-chi, Spokesperson, 6th Army Corps:” Other recovery vehicles will tow the armored vehicle away based on the current condition and under the precondition that conditions are safe. Our troops are unflappable. We safely withdrew troops and equipment from the inside in an orderly fashion.” 

The Clouded Leopard IFV is an eight-wheel armored vehicle that was designed to conform to Taiwan's terrain. It weighs 22 tons and could speed up to 105 kilometers per hour. The military said the cause of the accident is under investigation. As the unit trains for dangerous situations daily, they have remained well-prepared for all situations. In this case, deaths were prevented. The vehicle has been towed away and remained undamaged.