Lithuania Reaffirms Relationship with Taiwan Despite Pressure from China 立陶宛外交部重申 與台灣發展互惠關係

China recalls its ambassador to Lithuania over Taiwan's plans to set up a representative office in Lithuania. In response, Lithuania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs reaffirms its intention to establish relations with Taiwan. The US, meanwhile, chimed in to denounce China and welcome countries to create constructive ties with Taiwan.

The Lithuanian government's declaration that it will allow the Taiwan authorities to establish a so-called representative office under the name of Taiwan gravely harms the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China, and China firmly opposes this decision and has decided to recall China's ambassador to Lithuania.

On Aug. 10, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it is recalling China's ambassador to Lithuania over Taiwan's plans to set up a "Taiwan representative office" in Lithuania. It also requested that Lithuania recall its ambassador to China. 

In response, Lithuania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it regrets this statement and reiterated its determination to jointly develop a mutually beneficial relationship with Taiwan. Members of the Lithuanian parliament tweeted hearts and said they don't feel sorry whatsoever for the decision. Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said they will stand firm against pressure from China.

Ned Price, US Department of State Spokesperson:” We do stand in solidarity with our NATO ally Lithuania and we condemn the PRC's recent retaliatory actions. We support our European partners and our allies as they develop mutually beneficial relations with Taiwan and resist the PRC's coercive behavior.”

The Department of State of the US denounced China's coercive behavior and said it encourages other countries to allow Taiwan to set up representative offices. Meanwhile, the European Union says it does not believe Lithuania's behavior has breached the one-China policy and the EU will closely monitor the development.

Voice of Joanne Ou, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson:” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is already aware that China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the recalling of their ambassador in Lithuania and asked the Lithuanian government to recall their ambassador in China and will closely follow the development of the situation. “

Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Lithuania's determination to defend the concepts of national dignity and freedom is admirable. It added that the two sides have shares principles and will continue to strengthen the relationship in all areas. Lithuania recently donated vaccines to Taiwan, and has plans to set up an office in Taiwan in the fall.