New Taipei City Moves to Contain COVID-19 in Borough 永和某里近2週爆3確診 皆為獨立個案

Three positive COVID-19 cases were found within two weeks in a borough in New Taipei City's Yonghe District. While all of the cases were deemed independent, the city government has stringently mobilized testing units to the district. On Aug. 10, it began a 3-day campaign, in which rapid tests and PCR tests are offered.

Workers rush to erect tents and set up the workstations used by mobile testing units. A borough in New Taipei City's Yonghe District saw three COVID-19 cases within two weeks. Although there is no link between the three cases, all nearby residents received testing notifications out of precaution.

Local Resident:” I received the notice yesterday when I got home, and I took a rapid test last night. I work as a food delivery person, and I've been to many neighborhoods. I've also seen it happen in many neighborhoods, and today it's our turn so we should go get tested.”

Voice of Local Borough Chief:” There are no links (between the three cases). We discovered that a confirmed case had been inside our building to visit a resident. The notification said that a confirmed case had been here, and we needed to disinfect the building, as well as the borough.”

Borough chiefs urged residents to go get tested, hoping to break invisible transmission chains and prevent individual cases from spreading into community infections. New Taipei City's Environmental Protection Department identified potential contacts of the confirmed cases for testing, and also carried out disinfection. 

The city sent a mobile testing unit to Yonghe District's Renai Activity Center to offer rapid tests and PCR tests between Aug. 10 and 12.

Hou Yu-ih, New Taipei City Mayor:” We haven't clarified the source of the infection, so right now we're trying to rapidly expand testing, identify invisible transmission chains, and effectively block them.”

Only one case was found in New Taipei City on Aug. 9, but the source is still unknown. The sources of the other two cases, however, are clear The City Mayor Hou Yu-ih said they will work actively to break the invisible transmission chain. Anyone with misgivings can get tested.