From Fresh Graduates to Mid-aged Workers, Pandemic Affects Almost Everyone in Job Market 疫情影響就業市場 新鮮人與職場爸爸同受衝擊

According to a new job bank survey, 46 percent of new graduates don't think they can find a job. A job website, meanwhile, says on average working dads have not received a raise in 4.4 years. Eighty-five percent of workers say they are worried about being unemployed in their middle age.

This 22-year-old woman just graduated with a degree in radio and television. She was initially planning to get a job in the field, but changed her mind and decided to go back to school when she found out she would probably only earn NT$25,000 to NT$28,000 a month.

Ms. Shih, 2021 Graduate:”There's a pandemic and jobs are hard to find right now, so I decided to continue my education overseas.” 

Jojo graduated and started working as a graphic designer last year for NT$35,000 a month. Eight months in, she was laid off. She says her professional confidence has been affected. According to the Ministry of Labor, 56,687 employees at 4,388 companies were on unpaid leave at the end of July.

Jojo, Job Seeker:”Last year's jobs were more in line with what I wanted. There seem to be fewer opportunities this year.”

Huang Juo-wei, Spokesperson, Job Bank:”Employers aren't even responding to job applications this year. Many don't have openings. We're also seeing new graduates that have gotten jobs but then had their wages cut.” 

A job website survey, meanwhile, found that on average working dads have not had a raise in 4.4 years. In addition, 40.1 percent of working dads say they are the sole breadwinner in their family and 85 percent say they are worried about being unemployed in their middle age.

Yang Tsung-bin, Spokesperson, Job Website:” [First, employees] may be lacking required technical skills. Second, they are worried about further layoffs because of the epidemic. Another factor is so-called age discrimination in the workplace.”

One expert says Taiwan's long-term low-salary crisis has only been exacerbated by the pandemic and recommends that workers take advantage of any opportunities to develop a second professional skillset to lower the possibility of being laid-off in one's middle age.








求職網發言人 楊宗斌:「缺乏職場的一個專業技能,第二個就是擔心就是說可能接下來疫情關係會被這個裁員,另外當然就是一個年齡方面的這種所謂的職場歧視。