Three Tainan Homes Now Sit on "Cliff" Following Days of Rain 連日豪雨沖刷 台南龍崎3民宅前邊坡崩塌

In Tainan, three homes in Longci District are now situated on the edge of a virtual cliff after a landslide knocked out the road in front of them. An elderly woman living there for 70 years couldn't keep her emotions in check when she saw the damage.

These homes were sealed off after the road in front of them collapsed. Pipes are now exposed. Following days of heavy rain, severe damage in Longci District was reported. One of the residents of the three homes, an elderly woman who has lived there for 70 years, couldn't keep her emotions in check when she saw the damage.

Mrs. Lin-Hsu, Affected Resident:"It's heartbreaking. I've been here since I was 20. (How old are you now?) Eighty-nine next year."

Mrs. Lee-Lin, Affected Resident:"It happened Sunday morning. (You saw it when you got up in the morning?) Yes. They say it was still OK at 4 a.m. but it collapsed sometime after that. It's all dirt, so it didn't make a sound."

After being notified, the Longci District Office dispatched inspectors to survey the damage. According to the office, the area's sandy loam, chalky soil, and subterranean mudstone are vulnerable to heavy rain and all it can do is block off the area and try to repair the damage. It is also asking the residents to evacuate.

Yen Chen-yu, Longci District Chief:"It was hollow underneath, so all the retaining walls collapsed. We estimate repairs will cost NT$7.5 million."

The office says there have been multiple landslides and rockslides in recent days due to the rain. So far, the disaster response center has received close to 50 reports of landslides and rockslides. Local residents say they are used to the rain and are reluctant to evacuate. All they can do is pray for the rain to stop.




受災戶 林許老太太表示:「會傷心啊!20歲來住這邊。(現在幾歲?)明年90歲.。]」  

受災戶 李林老太太表示:「禮拜天白天發生。(你是白天起來看到?) 對啊!他們說半夜4點起來,還沒垮掉,4點多才垮掉,這個都是泥土都沒聲音。」


龍崎區長 顏振羽表示:「因為底下已經掏空了,所以擋土牆就全倒。初估這邊需要工程費750萬。」