Tai Returns to Taiwan, Hits Back at Critics 網友批失誤多表現NG 戴資穎罕見說重話

M. Chuang
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Olympic silver medalists Tai Tzu-ying and Lee Chih-kai have returned to Taiwan but discussions about their performances haven't stopped.

Badminton player Tai Tzu-ying arrived back in Taiwan on Aug. 4 with her silver medal nowhere in sight. After posing for a photo with men's badminton players Lee Yang and Wang Chi-ling, she left the airport without speaking to the media. Later that night, she hit back at critics on Instagram. Tai told her critics that they weren't the ones that had to stand on the court and those that thought she made too many errors have the choice to not watch her play. This was apparently in response to one netizen who said Tai did not perform well in the gold-medal match. Tai later said she was fine and will try to listen to all voices so that she can be a positive influence. In a documentary-style commercial, Tai praised every opponent she has ever played against. Tai said she

Tai Tzu-ying, Olympic Badminton Player:"Everyone says, "Wow, what a talent," but I think every player I have ever faced is talented. It all comes down to what every individual does to improve their skills."

Tai is now in the Chinese Taipei badminton history books. Fellow Chinese Taipei silver medalist Lee Chih-kai likewise faced criticism for failing to win a gold medal in gymnastics.

Lee Chih-kai, Olympic Gymnast:"Coming in second doesn't sit well with me, but another way of looking at it is being happy to have achieved something for the Olympic Committee and all its hard work."

Lee thanked everyone for their support and said the most important thing is for him to perform up to standards.






東奧羽球國手 戴資穎表示:「大家會一直說,喔!這是天才型的選手,但是走到現在,我覺得每一個我看見,在跟我對打的每一個人,都是天才型的。所以就是看大家怎麼去,再更加強自己的一些技術上的東西。」


東奧體操國手 李智凱表示:「當然第2名,也是覺得很難過,沒有錯。但另外一個想法,就是說,想又非常開心,我們真的完成所謂的奧運會。這一段時間的努力,非常開心,就是值得了這樣子。」