Banqiao Department Store Employees Undergo Testing 板橋百貨公司員工確診 緊急停業篩800人

Shortly after Taipei and New Taipei City resumed in-person dining, there were successive cases of department store employees testing positive.

After an employee of a department store in New Taipei City's Banqiao District tested positive, the department store closed for one day and a testing site was set up at the entrance. Chairs were lined up and the site was cordoned off to test 800 employees.

Chiu Po-yu, Department Store Executive:"The objective today is to complete the testing of all employees by the afternoon. We are also closed today. After we finish testing, the entire department store will be disinfected once more."

Hou Yu-ih, New Taipei City Mayor:"We immediately asked the department store to close and disinfect. We also ordered all employees to be tested. It can only reopen if all the tests come back negative."

Meanwhile, a hospital was closed for three days after 10 people were confirmed to be infected in a cluster infection. New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-ih said that transmission chains in the city have not been broken, and everyone needs to approach disease prevention with a Level 4 mentality. When asked about the resumption of in-person dining, Hou said restaurants wanting to reopen will need to implement stringent management. On the evening of Aug. 3, Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je inspected a department store food court. The department store said that 60 percent of customers who purchased food opted to eat in, while the other 40 percent requested takeout. A famous ramen restaurant also tightened its disease prevention standards, reducing the seating capacity from 52 to 14.

Ko Wen-je, Taipei City Mayor:"Is the distance too much? We're slowly adding (chairs). We also hope to slowly increase the number of diners. However, we still need to be careful in the initial stage. We also need to come up with a way to vaccinate these workers as quickly as possible."

Taipei and New Taipei City have enacted strict requirements for in-person dining, including dividers and table separation, as disease prevention work and people's livelihoods need to be simultaneously addressed.




百貨業者 邱柏瑜表示:「今天目標在下午的時候,可以完成(全員)篩檢,我們今天會暫停營業一天。今天做完篩檢動作後,全館在結束之後,還會再做一次消毒。」

新北市長 侯友宜表示:「立即要求小遠百要清消、停業,然後所有的全部員工,要去做好篩檢。那全部篩檢都是陰性以後,才可以復業。」


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「你這個會不會(間隔)拉太開了,(椅子)慢慢加,我們也希望慢慢讓人流慢慢可以回升。不過在初期,還要很小心。另外,我們要想辦法,讓這些工作人員,可以盡早打疫苗。」



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