Motor Vehicles Office Flooded with License Applicants 管制放鬆適逢暑假 監理站湧考照人潮

Test-takers packed Taichung's Motor Vehicles Office after the level 3 alert was downgraded. The office has raised its capacity while maintaining the disease prevention measures.

A crowd of driver's license applicants descended on Taichung's Motor Vehicles Office on Aug. 4.

Driver's License Candidate:"I waited all through July for the alert level (to be lowered) to be able to take the test. (How long was your wait?) Over a month."

Driver's License Candidate:"It got postponed. (For how long?) Almost two months. (You couldn't take the test for two months?) Yeah."

When Level 3 restrictions were in effect, motor vehicles offices lowered the number of driving tests allowed per day by two-thirds. Taichung's office, for example, allowed just 40 tests per day. The office raised the number of daily test slots back to 100 on July 27 when Level 3 restrictions were lifted.

Wang Tsung-chih, Deputy Director, Taichung City Motor Vehicles Office:"All slots are filled for the month of August. We generally ask candidates to make appointments online. If special arrangements are needed, we'll have someone make the necessary adjustments."

The office is maintaining prevention measures, including checkerboard seating during classes and written tests; required masks during road tests; and social distancing. The office says it will add additional test slots on weekends to meet demand.





考照民眾表示:「7月的時候,就一直在等,等(降級)微解封之後,才排到這個位置。(大概等多久?) 等了1個多月吧!」

考照民眾表示:「之前有,有延誤到。(延誤多久?) 喔,差不多快2個月。(2個月,今天才考到?) 嗯。」


台中市監理站副站長 汪宗智表示:「基本上,在8月的,通通滿了。我們因為也怕說,一些考生,比較特別的情況下,一般都是要求要網路預約,萬一考生比較特別情況,再由承辦的股長去做彈性的調整。」