Celebrity Accused of Violating Disease Prevention Rules 網紅祈錦鈅水庫玩水 網友爆料違規群聚

The public is urged to continue to comply with disease prevention regulations even though the alert level has been downgraded. Netizens recently accused Internet celebrity Maxine Chi of violating disease prevention regulations by gathering with people and going on a recreational outing to Wushe Reservoir in Nantou County.

People sing aboard a raft, and then have a meal and drink together. A closer look reveals that no one is wearing a mask or social distancing. One of the people is Internet celebrity Maxine Chi. Footage also showed people playing in the water in a restricted area of Wushe Reservoir. It is thought that there was a staffer from Nantou Forest District Office accompanying the group. This colleague was not on duty, and it was his personal choice. Since the epidemic alert was issued, the Forest District Office has asked colleagues on numerous occasions to comply with disease prevention regulations. Related footage was posted online to a social media platform on Aug. 2. It was controversial because it showed violations of disease prevention regulations. At the reservoir,  signs are stating that this is a dangerous area. Meanwhile, Chi said she was there because she was scouting the location and making sure the water was clear. She also said she provided a negative test result before leaving.

Voice of Maxine Chi, Internet Celebrity:"That water was really cold, but I still had to go in. I had to know what the water quality was like, and whether we could shoot there. In other words, I had to personally go in to take a look."

Chi has worked as a spokesperson for the New Taipei City Police Department and said she was sorry for creating controversy. The reservoir is managed by Taiwan Power Company's Wanda Power Plant. The plant said it will clarify the facts to see if there was any illegal behavior. Related information will be sent to Nantou County's Public Health Bureau.

Chang Tien-jui, Director, Wanda Power Plant, Taiwan Power Company: “They said they were fishermen on their application, and requested permission to fish for aquatic products. That means that in principle, they shouldn't have engaged in recreational activities.”

The plant said any for-profit behavior will result in a fine of NT$30,000 to NT$100,000. Meanwhile, the Communicable Disease Control Act allows for fines of up to NT$15,000 for violations of disease prevention regulations.







網紅 祈錦鈅表示:「那個水很冷,可是我還是要下去的,我想知道水裡面的狀況,是能不能拍?等於我要自己下去看一下。」


台電萬大電廠長 張天瑞表示:「他們原來的申請,是他們是漁民。他們用漁民的方式,申請捕撈水產物的部分。所以原則上,她不應該有遊憩的行為。」