Level 3 Alert Downgraded to Level 2 今起疫情警戒降至二級 部分行業陸續鬆綁

C. Chuang
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With the nationwide Level 3 alert being downgraded on July 27, the Central Epidemic Command Center said people should not let down their guards and announced a platform to assist with inter-city and county outbreak investigations.

The epidemic situation appears to be stabilizing, so the alert level was downgraded from Level 3 to Level 2 on July 27. The Central Epidemic Command Center said Taipei and New Taipei City are still seeing community transmission, with cases in the two cities accounting for 74 percent of all cases. The situation in all other cities and counties has improved, so they are considered medium- to low-risk. The CECC asked local governments to effectively carry out outbreak investigations. The CECC also announced the launch of a platform to assist with outbreak investigations. Outbreak investigators will be given access to cross-city and county information on the footprints of confirmed cases, allowing them to immediately identify potential contacts.

Chen Tsung-yen, Dep. Commander, Central Epidemic Command Center:"The platform to assist outbreak investigations can help to speed up outbreak investigations. It's very convenient for outbreak investigators to use it. However, they must make sure to protect personal information."

CECC Deputy Commander Chen Tsung-yen said the system is only for the use of outbreak investigators. He added that local governments must delete any downloaded information within 28 days. Parties can also check which people looked up their personal information. With regards to vaccines, some inoculation projects aren't  allowed yet. However, some cities and counties have started them ahead of time, which the CECC said could lead to vaccine distribution imbalances.

Chen Tsung-yen, Dep. Commander, Central Epidemic Command Center:"Health offices must understand the operations of departments and bureaus under city and county governments. Everyone can now make reservations to get vaccines through our reservation system. This is the only way that we can follow our vaccination sequence."

Chen said although the alert level has been downgraded to Level 2 and restrictions have been eased for some industries, the government has asked them to propose relevant guidelines on how to respond to confirmed cases. The public is reminded to continue to maintain good hygienic practices, including frequently washing hands, wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing.





中央流行疫情指揮中心副指揮官 陳宗彥表示:「疫調輔助平台是有助於加速疫調,對於疫調人員的使用極為方便。但是同時要去注意,對於個人隱私的保護。」


中央流行疫情指揮中心副指揮官 陳宗彥表示:「縣市政府之間,這些局處的執行跟作業,務必要讓衛生局來了解。那我們開放給這個全民在預約系統上預約,這樣子,才可以依照順序來做接種。」