Preparations Made for Advanced Subjects Test 大學指考7/28登場 考場維持3級警戒

The Advanced Subjects Test is scheduled to take place on July 28. Taichung City Mayor Lu Shiow-yen inspected one of the seven exam sites, and said they will remain under the Level 3 alert, to protect 5,000 test-takers.

School personnel set up partitions for dining. The seats are all 1.5 meters apart. This classroom that will be used for the upcoming Advanced Subjects Test can hold 42 students, but the capacity has been reduced to 20. Students with fever or other symptoms will take their exam in a special disease prevention exam room.

Lin Lung-yen, Principal, Taichung First Senior High School: “The maximum capacity of each disease prevention exam room is five. The teachers serving as proctors must all have a complete set of protective equipment. In principle, students will rest, prepare, and eat all at the same site. This will avert them from gathering outside and having contact with others.”

The Advanced Subjects Test was originally scheduled to take place on July 1 but was postponed to July 28 due to the epidemic situation. This year, 41,000 students have registered, including 5,000 in Taichung. They will sit for the exam at seven exam sites. Mayor Lu Shiow-yen went to Taichung First Senior High School on July 26 to inspect the state of preparedness. She said that although the nationwide alert level has been downgraded to Level 2, Level 3-standard disease prevention efforts will be carried out.

Lu Shiow-yen, Taichung City Mayor: “Although the alert level is being downgraded to Level 2, our disease prevention and exam room safety measures will still be based on Level 3 regulations.”

The College Entrance Examination Center has taken charge of providing meals for all students. Students will have assigned spaces for eating and resting to lower their risk of infection by restricting their movements. Exam proctors have been vaccinated. Teachers at the junior high and below level will be vaccinated shortly.





台中一中校長 林隆諺表示:「每間防疫試場,最高人數5人。第二,監考的老師,必須全套防護設備。(一般考生)學生,基本上,他的休息,準備,用餐,通通在單一市場內完成。這都可以避免到他們到外面去和其他人群聚集,或是接觸的機會。」


台中市長 盧秀燕表示:「雖然要降為警戒二級,但是我們有防疫安全,考場安全。防疫安全,還是會比照警戒三級,用警戒三級的防疫安全來考量。」