Woman Dies After Being Electrocuted 高雄大雨觸電女子 經搶救後昨晚不治

A Kaohsiung woman has died after being electrocuted outside a post office. The city government asked an independent party to test the voltage at the site where the accident occurred. The woman's family says it may apply for state compensation. In Pingtung, a construction worker died after being a retaining wall collapsed.

There is a current. It's live.

A woman has died after being electrocuted outside the Sanmin post office in Fengshan District. Technicians on site found a current running through a street lamp even when the electricity was turned off.

City Government Official vs. Parking Lot Operator:" (They're wrong.) No, they're not. They said there was electricity leakage. They said there was electricity leakage."

Chu Kuan-fu, Road Lamp Engineering Section Chief, Kaohsiung City:"We are conducting tests. We are looking at the electric potential on the exterior. (Was that the cause of the accident? What are you looking at?) We don't know what happened yet. Our technicians are looking into it."

A technician on the crew says the presence of electricity doesn't mean electricity is leaking. The victim's family says it may apply for state compensation. The Kaohsiung City Government says it will assist the family.

Family Member of Victim:"My sister had just gotten off work and was heading home. It was raining, and now she's dead. At the very least, you have to tell us how she died, right? We are talking about human life here."

Over in Pingtung, the collapse of a retaining wall killed a construction worker and injured another.

Voice of Hog Breeder:"It's very shallow. It just happened that the (workers) were down there when the collapse occurred and they got pinned underneath."

A local hog breeder says the workers were working on a wastewater treatment pond. The county government has ordered a work stoppage.






市府官員 vs. 停車場老闆表示:「 (他講錯了。) 沒有錯,他是說漏電啊,他是說漏電啊!」

高市工務局養工處路燈工程科長 朱官富表示:「送電後(測試),他就是外殼最低的電位。(目前造成這件事情的主因,朝哪個方向去看?) 現在技師還在查,還不知道。」